Why again swami om makes emergency exit from BIGG BOSS 10

By | July 25, 2017

Swami om again make emergency exit from bigg boss 10 house after he was get slapped by “yeh rishta kya kahelata hai fame” Rohan mehra. Is swami om is really hurt by rohan mehra’s slapped? Is swami om him self want to leave bigg boss 10 show?

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Rohan slapped swami om exclusive news

Shocking: Swami Om’s Emergency Exit From Bigg Boss 10 House Again

Yes, After getting slapped from rohan mehra swami om comes out of from bigg boss 10 house. If you don’t know what happend between rohan and swami om that provoke rohan mehra to slapped swami om. Then you must read this.

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Why Swami Om Leave Bigg Boss 10 House Again?

Yes, swami om “THE SPOILER” again leave the bigg boss 10 show. the reason behind swami om’s emergency exit from bigg boss 10’s house is really horrible as well as funny. According to swami om he is not able to listen with one ear that is slapped by rohan mehra, so what do you think, is swami om is really injured with rohan mehra’s slapped? or swami om is just telling lie to camera to get footage.

Swami om vs rohan mehra on bigg boss 10

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well, we came to know across the reality after seeing the MRI report of swami om. Yes, swami om is absolutely fine and can hear every thing it was just part of swami om’s game to remove rohan mehra’s from bigg boss 10 house.

Rohan mehra slapped swami om's during captain ship task

So this week also we got some shocking moment so this week’s weekend ka varr salman ke sath is going to be more aggressive and entertaining.

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