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By | October 9, 2017

Did you watch the yeaterday’s episode that is Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan? salman khan actually in the angry mode. The Bollywood super star is very annoyed with most of the contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

Now, we will share with you Live updates of Bigg Boss 11 Full Episode of 9th october 2017 and also you can watch online on voot.

Live: Bigg Boss 11 Full Episodes 9th October, Preview and written updates

Things are not going smooth in the Bigg Boss 11 House. In the first week itself, a lot of ugliest things happened that shouldn’t have happened and also many rules were broken. Priyank was thrown out of the BB 11 house by Salman Khan for getting physical with Akash Dadlani in a fight. Then Zubair Khan got evicted from the house.

According to bigg boss he is getting the least number of votes but we believe there is not the true story, earlier he has been sent to the hospital due to sickness.

Vikas Gupta And Shilpa Shinde’s Fight To Get Uglier In Bigg Boss 11, 9th october episode

There isn’t a singke day in the Bigg Boss 11 house that goes without a verbal fights between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. In Tonight’s Bigg Boss 11 Episode we will once again witness, how Shilpa annoys Vikas through the taunts in her song.

Bigg Boss 11 Vikas Gupta vs shilpa shinde

An agitated Vikas starts throwing eggs in anger. This act of Vikas turns off the housemates and they ask him not to include food items in any kind of fights. As this is a matter of disrespecting the food also this brings in trouble for the housemates who receive limited amount of food items weekly.

Bigg Boss 11: This Time Gharwale Think Vikas did mistake

Hina, Hiten and Puneesh take a stand against this. In the meanwhile Sapna who is also present at the scene criticizes Shilpa for her irritating behavior, to which Shilpa says she shouldn’t be having problems as she isn’t saying anything to her.

Later during the day both Vikas and Shilpa are seen challenging each other that if the other touches one or gets physical in any manner the repercussions would be really bad. Unable to control anger both start poking each other with finger while shouting at the top of their voices. Jyoti who sees the matter going out of control tries to come in between and distance them.

Bigg Boss 11 Full Episode 9th october 2017

Bigg Boss 11: Padosis to be introduced to the housemates tonight!

Tonight we will watch how Bigg Boss introduces the gharwaalez with their padosis who are familiar with the audience although but yet masked for them.Bigg Boss 11: Padosis to be introduced to the housemates

do you think the four neighbors will be able to keep themselves safe without getting caught by any of the gharwala? Housemates get extremely curious at this. What more Bigg Boss has to say to the housemates about their neighbors?

Who can caught Padosis is making a story and will expose them in Bigg Boss 11?

earlier, Bigg Boss randomly kept asking vital questions from all four of them so that they are well prepared for any question that is thrown at them by the housemates with the common answers so that nobody is able to doubt on them.

Bigg Boss 11 contestants welcoming padosis

in bigg boss 11 weekend ka vaar ,We even heard the padosis talking that Hina, Vikas and Hiten are the smartest ones and if they don’t remain vigilant during their stay, any of these three could know the truth. Hence they need to remain extra careful.

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