Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Online Day 4 – 20 October 2016

By | September 3, 2017

Hello Friends, Yesterday we have shared Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 3, So here we are going to shared episode video of 20 october day 4 of bigg boss 10 house. Bigg Boss Season 10 will create a history in today episodes. Your wait is over now and watch the full episode here.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Online Full Episode Day 4

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 1

Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami wants Monalisa to get an offer from Hollywood!

First two contestants to enter Bigg Boss jail on Season 10 are Om Swami and Monalisa Bhojpuri! While in the jail Om Swami praises Monalisa and says that she stands a bright chance if she tried in Hollywood. He also shares with her that his video for Bigg Boss 10 went viral world over and his followers instantly recognized him.

Looks like Monalisa’s stay in the Bigg Boss jail is going to be an unforgettable one!

Priyanka Jagga will unplug Rohan Mehra’s happiness

Looks like yesterday was a tough day for Rohan Mehra. The poor lad is already having a terrible time playig his role as a ‘sevak’ and it appears to be that the ‘maaliks’ of the house didn’t want to give him any breathing space.

Task trails on one hand and the ridiculous banter on the other. We thought the bell is a meditative object, the Bigg Boss house has changed the role of the bell to the T, yes, T- for trouble or better said as, Khatre ki Ghanti. The ‘maaliks’ are hogging much attention with over the top display of their vocals. While most sevaks are tired of their high decible drama, Rohan Mehra, did not play mute to the comments and blew a solid punch of words in Manu’s face.

Bigg Boss 10 Live

And if all this was not enough, the disruptive day saw another friction. Priyanka Jagga ordered the sevaks to get her some water in the middle of the night. Rohan obliged to her command and placed it right in front of her face due to which some water got spilled over her. Who knew water can truly create fire?

Do we see the doors of jail opening up for him? Will be the first one to head to the nasty jail? Watch tonight on the maha episode of Bigg Boss at 9.30PM!

Rohan Mehra to expose Om Swami on Bigg Boss 10?

Om Swami has earned himself some strong opposition in Bigg Boss 10 house and undoubtedly, Rohan is one of them! Tonight Rohan openly expresses himself by saying that before he gets out of Bigg Boss 10 house he will expose Om Swami! Naturally, this didn’t go well with Swami ji and an argument ensued between the two. Rahul tried to pacify Rohan but in vain.

Indiawale will confess their biggest ‘Raaz’ on Bigg Boss 10 Maha Episode tonight!

The luxury budget task will end tonight on Maha Episode of Bigg Boss 10! As of now, the Celebrities have guessed only one contestant’s secret. Tonight they will continue to make a few more wrong guesses. But will they lose the task and continue serving the Indiawale as Sevaks or will they bounce back in the game and turn tables on the Maaliks?

Om Swami and Monalisa land up in jail on Bigg Boss 10!

Om Swami and Monalisa

Bigg Boss 10 has gripped the audiences by now and every day there is a new twist. On Day 4, Bigg Boss gathers all contestants near the jail and announces that the Raaz Karya Luxury Budget Task will end and two contestants will be sent to jail after that.The two contestants are Om Swami and Monalisa.

Priyanka Jagga and Karan Mehra celebrate Karva Chauth on Bigg Boss 10!

Between all the nastiness and fights going on in the Bigg Boss house at present, Priyanka Jagga and Karan Mehra, get a sweet, emotional surprise from Bigg Boss on Karwa Chauth. Considering that both these contestants have left behind their spouses to be on this season, Bigg Boss sends them a special gift, a picture of their life partner and some Mithaai!

Tune in tonight at 9.30PM to see how the two contestants celebrate the festival on Bigg Boss 11 Live!


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