Swami Om Ji Has To Left The Bigg Boss 10 House Without Nomination

By | May 4, 2017

Yes, Swami Om ji has to leave the house today, As you might heard on yesterday’s bigg boss episode. So what actually happened in bigg boss 10 that bigg boss told swami om ji to leave the house.

Swami Om Ji In Trouble In Bigg Boss 10

Swami Om Ji In Trouble In Bigg Boss 10

Here you will find answer of question regarding swami om ji and why bigg boss told him to come out from the bigg boss house.

Bigg Boss 10 : Swami Om Ji Evicted Without Nomination

Actually swami om ji is not evicted from bigg boss 10 house. It is due to some cases matter of swami om ji that is happen outside of bigg boss 10 house.

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According to latest news it is confirmed that Bigg Boss has to tell Swami om ji that please come outside. Bigg Boss Says”Swami Om, Bahar  Kuchh aisi Paristhiya aan padi he jiske karan aapko bahar aana padega, to please aap yahi se bahar nikal jaie”.

Swami Om ji And Case File Against Him In Delhi Court

Swami Om Ji leaves the house as he has to be in delhi jail as soon as possible due to serious charges on him. When swami om ji leaves the house most happiest contestant in bigg boss is monalisa.

With our current news it is also confirmed that Delhi court cancels the cases against swami om and he will enter the house again very soon.

Will Swami om will come back in the house? What Did Swami Om Ji did? Which Cases Filed Against Swami Om? Is swami Om Evicted Without Nomination? To know all this answer stay tune with us.

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