Salman Khan’s Reaction On Swami Om’s Disgusting Act On Bigg Boss 10

By | June 19, 2017

On Thursday, Bigg Boss fans will finally see the eviction they have been waiting for – Om Swamiji is finally kicked out by bigg boss of the show after he throw his pee on bani and rohan during captain ship task. and bani kicks swami om in an impulse.
Om Swamiji, who has been in and out of the house due to his court cases, is finally out of Bigg Boss 10.

Swami om thrown from bigg boss 10 show salman khan Reaction

Salman Khan's reaction on swami om's incident

Swamiji deny to leave the house even when Bigg Boss asks him to do so and security and bodyguard personnel have to enter the house to ensure his exit and keep othe housemate safe from swami om.

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Here what gaurav chopra thinks of Swami om’s this incident.

“I hear of news from the Bb house. This is what I feared. Said in every interview.every ounce of me wishes I was there. Right now.for them…” and again tweeted “Not for the game. Or the contest. But them. For them. #letsfighttogether #fightforethics #fightforsanity” on tweeter.

rahul dev thinks of swami om’s pee incident

Actor Rahul Dev was recently evicted from the Bigg Boss 10 house. Although he looked like a promising contestant, but earlier he was voted out by the viewers.
“Thank god for small mercies! Weldon @BeingSalmanKhan for being the person u r!Good decision @ColorsTV @BiggBoss to expel #swamiom frm #BB10”

“So proud of @rohan4747 ! Real man who stood up his ground against #swamiom .. others looked on ! Weldon #Rohan 👏👏”

He is also glad that Salman Khan has throws Priyanka Jagga from the show. Rahul also liked the way Rohan Mehra took a stand and pushed Swami abd be a real man and throws om straight in the jail.

Wait for salman khan’s reaction on swami om’s throwing pees on bani and rohan: Bigg Boss 10

What do you think Salman Khan will have to say about the whole episode? Tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar will be truly intriguing since it’s going to be all about his take on this!

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