Is India’s Biggest Reality Show “Bigg Boss” Scripted or Real?

By | July 18, 2017

Hello guys, how are you? This question asked again and again that: Is India’s biggest reality show “Bigg Boss” is scripted (fake)? Is eviction of contestant from bigg boss house done by producer and not by votes? Is winner of all season of bigg boss decided earlier at starting of the show?
Karan mehra claims that bigg boss is 100% fake

If You are finding out for truth about bigg boss show than you are on right page.

Is Bigg Boss Show is Scripted?, Exclusive News

If you have searched this thing in quora than you probably find similar answer that : “Yes Bigg Boss is 100% Fake and scripted reality show. Producer and show maker of bigg boss decide whom to evict, not votes. And winner is also decided by producers, not public.”

Perviously karan mehara, prince narula and rimi sen who is part of bigg boss once tell that bigg boss is scripted. This news is also influence people.

But this is not right, here are some fact about bigg boss 10 news.

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Bigg Boss is 100% Real and Not Scripted

This is For those: who are thinking that bigg boss is scripted show? You better watch chhota bheem or cartoon, rather says that bigg boss is fake show.

Bigg boss is reality show, where there is no script regarding nomination, winner, eviction or any other fight between bigg boss contestant. Bigg boss is 100% real show. So please don’t spread rumours like : Bigg boss is fake show, winner already decided before bigg boss start and like many.

Bigg Boss 10 is 100% scripted : Rimi Sen

Yes, Some time you feel that it is scripted show similarly i feel same when in Bigg Boss 10 Rahul dev(well known celebrity) is got evicted and nitibha(commoner). this is shocking eviction in bigg boss history.

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