Bigg Boss 11: Celebrity Approached For Being Bigg Boss 11 Contestant

Hello Guys, You might enjoyed Bigg Boss 10, apart from swami om and priyanka jagga. So here makers of Bigg Boss are preparing for upcoming and surprising season called “BIGG BOSS 11”. Here you will find List of Celebrity Contestant of Bigg Boss 11, Till date commoners Contestants is not announce. Belowed listed Celebrity are contacted and approached by… Read More »

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Written Update Of Date 6th December 2016

Today on Bigg Boss 11 Live show watch this: Priyanka Jagga turns out to be a ‘dictator’ traffic police on Bigg boss 10, Swami Om ‘pisses’ off the housemates on Bigg Boss 10, Gaurav gets irked by Bani’s behaviour on Bigg Boss 10, Luxury Budget Task, BB Taxi Stand, takes entertainment to a new level on Bigg Boss 10.… Read More »