Online Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode Day 8 – 24 October 2016

By | September 8, 2017

Hello Friends, Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 online live streaming of season 10 day 8 full episode. Yesterday we shared Bigg boss 10 day 7 full episode live, Now get ready for episode 8 of 24 October. Today bigg boss season 10 episode will create a history. Priyanka is no longer stay in the bigg boss house.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Day 8 Episode

Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode

The pressure is building on Team Indiawale on Bigg Boss 10!

Indiawale lose their Maalik status and become Sevaks. But there reaction to this change isn’t that great. They have tiffs among themselves for silly and petty issues.

Manu calls Lokesh ‘Jhoothi’ and that leads to an argument between them. Lokesh snaps back at him in a rather rude way. Manu also talks rudely with Nitibha and she also hits back. Later on, Manveer refuses to help out others in the kitchen.

This leads to an argument between Indiawale girls and him. Lokesh goes to the extent of saying that ‘Bartan maanjhne se mardangi nahi jayegi!’ Last but definitely not the least, Navin, Manu and Manveer are against Om Swami. Navin Prakash says that Swami ji is not worthy of respect and trust, both!

What? Priyanka Jagga is back in the Bigg Boss 11 house?

Priyanka Jagga was the first one to get evicted on Bigg Boss 10! After she left Indiawale broke down. But Om Swami is the one who misses her a lot.

He cries remembering the moments he spent with his favourite ‘Beti’. Lopamudra says that Om Swami is shedding crocodile tears and Akanksha seconds her saying that he goes to the camera and cries in front of the camera.

Priyanka’s cut out is put in the house to which Swami ji reacts that if she were to come back in the house they wouldn’t place her cut out. All said and done Om Swami seems to be most affected by Priyanka’s eviction.

Lopamudra gets into the game on Bigg Boss 10!


Lopamudra is one person in the Celebrities’ team who has spoken her heart out. Be it standing up for herself in front of Om Swami or giving it back to the Indiawale, she has done everything to preserve her self- respect in the house! She was encouraged to be herself by Kamya on Weekend ka Vaar and we will see some more of her now.

On Weekend ka Vaar she asked Om Swami to back off in a rather upfront and curt manner. Definitely, it took tremendous courage on her part to react the way she did.

In tonight’s episode she gets into an argument with Nitibha and continues to be in an aggressive mode. She says to Rohan that she doesn’t want to patch up with Nitibha!

Celebrities give it back to Om Swami on Bigg Boss 10!

Now that the Celebrities become Maaliks in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, there will be a lot to look forward to. Everyone pointed out on Weekend ka Vaar that the Celebrities were not playing well and they faced lot of criticism for it.

Celebrities seem to have taken this seriously and they will now give it back.

Although other Indiawale may be trying to adjust with the changed situation, Om Swami finds it almost impossible to be a ‘Sevak’ and take orders. At the dining table, Karan will ask him to stay quiet and allow them to eat in peace.

Later, Rahul will order him to leave the table and sit separately. Om Swami feels insulted and reacts to this by saying that he doesn’t want to be in the house. When Rohan tries to punish him for his behavior, he refuses to accept it.

Later on he speaks to the camera and says that, ‘Is anyay ke khilaf, aapko inko saja deni chahiye!’

Indiawale to lose the ‘Satta’ over the Bigg Boss house on Season 10!


Tonight, Bigg Boss announces that Indiawale lose their position as ‘Maaliks’ in the house. The Celebrities are made the ‘Maaliks’ while the Indiawale become the ‘Sevaks’. On one hand, Celebrities are quite happy and excited while Indiawale are naturally unhappy about this change.

But why did Bigg Boss take this decision? How will Indiawale react now? Will Celebrities take advantage of the situation and equal scores with Indiawale by being rude and throwing tantrums?

The drama will unfold tonight at 10.30PM, only on Bigg Boss 11 Live! Don’t forget to tune in! 🙂


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