Nominated Contestant for this week (16th-22nd january) on Bigg Boss 10

By | May 19, 2017

Watch all the episodes of bigg boss 10, it was just 2 week away from bigg boss 10 grand finale.

Nominated Contestant for this week (16th-22nd january) on Bigg Boss 10

Watch today’s episode for more detail, here we provided nominated contestant of this week.

With the season finale just two weeks away, the game is getting too challenging for contestants. In tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss will introduce the nomination task with an emotional twist.

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Housemates Will Become Postmen To Nominate Each Other Tonight : Bigg Boss 10

Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 the housemates will be really surprised to know about the process of the nominations. As per Bigg Boss, each housemate will get a parcel sent by a loved one of another housemate, and the duty of the former will be to act as a postman (daakiya) and either give the parcel to the concerned housemate and get nominated himself/herself or open up the parcel declare what is the gift and for whom and put the same in fire in order to make oneself safe. Now this gets really tricky from here.

Nomination twist in bigg boss 10

Housemates already look in dilemma after knowing the whole thing.

What will they do? Who will act selfish and who will be selfless?

Bani And Manu Are Safe From Nomination by Damaged Parcel that they have

Bani destroy lopa's parcel and being safe from nomination

Manu destroy Monalisa’s parcel by making her fool, and bani destroy lopamudra’s parcel in order to save herself from nomination of the week.


Well, let’s see how the housemates complete the nominations process and with Manu and Bani being safe from the nominations, who amongst Mona, Rohan and Lopa will get nominated this week?

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