Lopamudra Says “I Will Never Take Stand For You” To Rohan On Bigg Boss 10

By | June 15, 2017

After eviction of gaurav chopra one friendship will broken up that is Bani j and gaurav’s at least for end of the bigg boss 10. One bad news is also coming that Best Friend Rohan and Lopa is now fighting in bigg boss 10 house with each other.
Why lopamudra fights with rohan on bigg boss 10

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Why Lopa Angry on His Best Friend Rohan? : Bigg Boss 10

An unexpected twist we will see tonight how close friends Rohan and Lopamudra get into a ugly fight on Bigg Boss 10. As per Lopa, Rohan often uses certain words that hurt her very badly! She tells him that he should be very careful about the words he uses when he speaks! Rohan on the other hand blames her saying that she thinks whatever she says is always correct!

Will this crack in their friendship pull them apart forever?

Rohan And Lopa Fights in Bigg Boss 10 on 2nd Jan 2017 Episode

As salman khan said : “lopa tum rohan ko viewers ke samane nicha dekha rahi thi uska mazak udakar jabki woh bilkul serious tha wo bat ko lekar” In reply to salman lopamudra tell that he is laugh on rohan’s oath that is to stay in bathroom for remaining 30 days, some how lopa make convince to salman and after ward rohan also.

but today after nomination lopamudra again disappointed with rohan and tell him : “I Will Never Take Stand For You”

Lopamudra fights with rohan in bigg boss 10

lopamudra added: “She says she will be maintaining friendship even if they both are not talking with each other, unlike him!”

Wii this misunderstanding break their friendship for rest of season?

Know this and everything about Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10:30 PM!

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