Gaurav Chopra Evicted From Bigg Boss 10 on 1st Jan 2017

By | June 14, 2017

Yes, gaurav chopra the actor is evicted from bigg boss 10 house today. Today’s on week end ka vaar in Bigg Boss 10. Gaurav Will be evicted from Bigg boss 10 House. Since news viral that monalisa is evicted from bigg boss 10 house from this eviction but she’s not evicted it was Gaurav chopra the actor.

Gaurav Eliminate from bigg Boss 10 house at 1st Jan 2017

Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar, 1st Jan 2017 : Gaurav Chopra Evicted

Hope You had enjoying Bigg boss 10 Week end Ka vaar non stop celebration of happy new year yesterday.

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Bani j And Gaurav Chopra Last Day Together in Bigg Boss 10 House

Yes, today is the last day of gaurav chopra in bigg boss 10 house. of course, this eviction in bigg boss 10 affect most to the VJ bani as she will alone after eviction of gaurav chopra.

Bigg boss 10 Gaurav and VJ bani Last moments

According to viral news you might get to know that monalisa will evicted on episode of 1st january 2017 but it is not true it was gaurav chopra who left the bigg boss 10 house after eviction on bigg boss 10 week end ka vaar.

It’s Difficult for Bani J to Leaving in House after eviction of Gaurav Chopra: Bigg Boss 10

As we early mention Bani bonded with him the most in the entire season so far and looks like things will get more difficult for Bani on the show from now on as gaurav chopra evicted. Though their friendship saw a lot of crests and fights, but they did back at the end of the day and forget what happened earlier. Since Gaurav has been eliminated, we won’t able to see Gaurav and Bani’s dostana any more in bigg boss house.

Bigg Boss 10 Best Dosti, Fights between Bani and Gaurav

We will daily updated written episode of bigg boss 10, bigg boss 10 news and we will shortly tell you who became bigg boss 10 winner.

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