Fights And Argument Continuous One After One : Bigg Boss 10

By | June 11, 2017

Yes, Now a day Bigg Boss 10 is famous for abusing word, fights, argument and disrespectful behavior with other bigg boss 10 contestant. One person behind every fights and argument in bigg boss 10 is none other that swami om. Recently in episode of 29th december 2016, Rohan losses his mind on swami om for his interruption during captain ship task.

Here you will find all fights happening in previous few day and fights and argument still did not stop.

Horrible: Bigg Boss 10 House Turned Into Scary Place With All Fights, Argument And Violence

Yes, We think that after eviction of  the Spoiler of bigg boss 10 “priyanka jagga muise” by salman khan we think that now we will able to see nice and good behaving house from now onward, but we were miserably wrong about it.

Biggest fights and abusive language in bigg boss 10 Still Spoiler “Swami Om” is in the bigg boss 10 house and he provoked other bigg boss 10 contestant as a hell and want other contestant to beat him.

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All Fights of Swami Om in Bigg Boss 10

Swami om is one of the spoiler of bigg boss 10 house who is evicted one time and makes emergency exit two time during the Bigg Boss 10 show. Other contestant tell swami om as “Feku”. Once in a season he was boycotted from other bigg boss 10 contestant.

Swami Om Spoiler of Bigg Boss 10

Swami om’s biggest fight in bigg boss 10 is happening with “prince of india” Rohan mehra. When swami om provoked Rohan he pushes swami om with head.

“Priyanka Jagga Muise” Worst Contestant ever in Bigg Boss 10

In a history of Bigg Boss this is happening first time that salman khan thrown out side of bigg boss house due to his/her bad behaviour with other contestant.

Priyanka jagga worst contestant ever in bIgg boss

Bani j Misunderstanding Bigg Boss 10 Contestant And Fights With Them

Bani j expected more from other bigg boss 10 contestant specially from gaurav chopra. She is misunderstood other housemate, argue with them and walked out in between conversation.

Bani J Angry Reaction On Baba In Bigg Boss 10

Rohan Mehra’s Fight in Bigg Boss 10

He was arguing with only one person badly otherwise he is so innocent and nice heart person in bigg boss house.

Manu And manveer Fights With Commoners and Swami Om

According to viewer this two is most mature and playing game from heart person in bigg boss house. they stand for that which is right acoording to their point of view.

Apart from this their is small argument always there in bigg boss 10.

I hope you like this post that is regarding Biggest fights and argument in bigg boss 10 house.

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