All Rumors and News About: Who Will Be Host of Bigg Boss 11?

By | August 16, 2017

Will Salman Khan not hosting Bigg Boss 11? Is Akshay Kumar is going to host Bigg Boss season 11? If you are finding out for this question then you are on right page.
Bigg Boss is India’s first number reality show and Salman Khan become most fabulous host of Bigg Boss. We cannot imagine bigg Boss show without Salman bhai. so hear some bad news is coming it might possible that salman Khan will not hosting Bigg Boss for this season. explore full story to know more about this.

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Exclusive News: Who Will Be Host Of Bigg Boss Season 11? 

From last 10 years Bigg Boss running successfully on television set. This is the show where real face of celebrities come out, from last year also commoners get entry in the show. The most fantastic thing about this show is that it’s weekend episode where host of Bigg Boss come for the review of all week and people get eliminated evicted from the show. From last 5 years salman Khan being The Spectacular host of this show and we cannot imagine this show without him. Many people just watch this show to see Salman Khan on small screen apart from that Salman Khan is also doing his job very well.

Bigg Boss 11 Host

Why Salman Khan Denied To To Host Bigg Boss 11?

The reason behind why Salman Khan denied to host the show is not cleared yet even it’s not confirmed that he is not going to host the show, if news get confirm that is leaving the show then we will informing you in very short time. According to many rumours there is basically to reason behind why Salman Khan leaving bigg Boss season 11? The first reason is he is busy and committed for the Dabbang 3. And the second reason is he is asking for more money from show maker for hosting upcoming season of Bigg Boss. So now question is if salman Khan will not host bigg Boss 11 then who will replace the Sultan Khan.

Who Will Replace Salman Khan For Hosting Bigg Boss 11?

So according to many sources we came to know that bigg Boss already approaches akshay Kumar for this show, show makers go for Akshay Kumar because he is well connected to public and also Akshay Kumar is few times appear in the so as well as for promoting his films and also we akshay Kumar for his talent and humour,

Will Akshay Kumar Replace Salman Khan For Hosting Bigg Boss 11?

but will Akshay Kumar get audience love as much as Salman Khan did?

No Other Bollywood Star To Host Bigg Boss 11, But Salman Khan

Here are the proof that only salman khan is going to host upcoming season of bigg boss. This was already clarify by CEO of colors Raj nayak and also BIGG BOSS official twitter handle.

Proof Salman khan to host bigg boss 11 Bigg Boss announces his upcoming season Host

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