Bigg Boss 10 Three Promo Is Out Now | Trailer Of Bigg Boss 10 Realeased Date

By | July 9, 2017

Have You Watch All Promo Of Bigg Boss 10?? No then you must have to  Watch it once. Go below for watch promos of bigg boss 10.

Good news is that Bigg Boss 10 trailer is also come. Stay tune with us for watch that video.

Bigg Boss 10 promo Salman khan In Different Avtar

Salman Khan's Different Avtar in Bigg Boss 10 Promos

Salman Khan’s Different Avtar in Bigg Boss 10 Promos

As you see in picture in promos salman khan getting up different look, he wore astronaut shoot, Also find in his own sultan look. He mention in promo of bigg boss 10,that this season will be different season from previous season. He also declare tagline of Bigg Boss 10, Which is Bigg Boss 10 with common women and men.

Salman Khan also mention that this season will surprise you, does it mean there is no celebrity contestant in bigg boss house this year, in promos itself salman indicate by his different avtar that it might be some astronaut, some wrestler like sushil kumar or yogeshwar dutt or somebuddy else. It seems from tagline this season will be promoting women as tagline is common women and men.

 Cool Bigg Boss 10 : Coming Soon Promos

Here i put two promo of bigg boss 10.

In first promo of bigg boss 10, salman khan wore clothe astronaut, and he is on moon.

Click here to Watch First Trailer of Bigg boss: BB10 Promo

First Promo is around only 30 second, but it was just fabulous and mind blowing. After watching this video, we all are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss 10.

In second video of promoting bigg boss 10, salman khan seen in his last movie avtar called sultan.

Click here to Watch Second Trailer of Bigg boss: BB10 Promo 2

After watching this video, I personally like first dialogue of salman khan where he told one wrestler: “Ram Ram sa”.

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Stay tune with us for latest news of bigg boss 10. Also surf our site for upcoming promo and trailer of bigg boss 10.

After watching this awesome promos of bigg boss 10 : india isse apna hi ghar samjho. we all should hope that this season of bigg boss will entertain us then other previous season.

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