Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode Day 7 – 23 October 2016

By | September 7, 2017

Hello Friends, Today We are going to share bigg boss live streaming of season 10 day 7 full episode. Yesterday we shared Bigg boss 10 day 6 full episodeNow get ready for episode 7 of 23 October. Today bigg boss season 10 episode will create a history. The one celebrity will go home from bigg boss house tonight. Guarav, Monalisa and Priyanka are eliminated. One of from this will out from the game tonight.

Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Day 7 Episode

Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode Online

Bani is highly criticized on weekend ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 10!

On Weekend ka Vaar tonight, the ‘Sabha’ of ‘India ki Avaam’ says that Bani has disappointed them. They had high hopes from Bani as far as tasks are concerned but she has clearly failed in proving her mettle.

Kamya Punjabi who visits the Bigg Boss 10 studio also questions her about backing out of tasks. Kamya questioned her saying what kind of an image does Bani want to build for herself by not performing well in any task.

Bani tries to put across her viewpoint by saying that there are certain things which she cannot do on national television and that’s her personal choice. But Kamya explains to her that although her point of view is right for her, this is not the place for individual viewpoints but it is about tasks and performance.

Will Bani pay heed to Kamya’s advice and live up to the expectations of ‘India ki Avaam’?

Lopamudra continues to give a tough fight to Om Swami on Bigg Boss 10!

Om Swami is crossing swords with Lopa on every possible occasion but every time Lopamudra has given it back to him. During the Weekend ka Vaar, Om Swami tells Lopa to keep quiet. He further adds that nobody can stop him so Lopa should mind her words. Lopa says that he should keep his attitude to himself.

Lopamudra Bigg Boss 10

She tells him that she won’t forget what he has said to her. Om Swami questions whether she talks to her elders in a similar way. Lopa answers saying that there’s no comparison between her family and Om Swami because none of them behave like him. After this Swami ji has no choice but to keep quiet.

Will Om Swami continue his squabbles with Lopa? How will Lopa handle him?

‘India ki Avaam’ gives there expert comments on Week 1 of Bigg Boss 10!

For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, a ‘Sabha’ of common people is invited and they give their perspective on how Week 1 of Bigg Boss 10 was.

India ki Avaam in Bigg Boss 10

The ‘Sabha’ feels that Celebrities are way behind the Indiawale in every aspect and they express disappointment by saying, ‘Celebrities jo hai wo Indiawalon ke saamne ‘Phuss’ hain!’ On the basis of entertainment they rank the Celebrities in the negative.

From Celebrities team Bani faces criticism for not performing in the tasks. On the other hand, Om Swami’s behavior has earned him complete disapproval from the ‘Avaam’ and they also openly call him ‘Phenku’.

Will the opinions of the India ki Avaam change the situation in the house?

India wale blame Gaurav for misguiding them during the ranking task on Bigg Boss 10!

The contestants have a new task where they need to rank themselves between 1 and 15 based on what attempts they made to connect with the audience while on Bigg Boss 10.

Two points to be considered while giving ranks are popularity in the house and popularity outside, amongst the audience. However, the task is misunderstood and they give first rank to Rahul.

Salman explains the task to them and questions this decision. All contestants realize that they have performed the task wrongly. Indiawale blame Gaurav for misguiding them in this task and say that if the task was performed fairly then Priyanka would be number 1.

Will this lead to another cold war between Celebrities and Indiawale?

Kamya Punjabi criticizes the Celebrities on Bigg Boss 10!

Kamya Punjabi who is seen as Preeto on Shakti on Colors TV, visits the Bigg Boss 10 studio to interact with the contestants. Some harshest criticism comes from Kamya and the Celebrities will definitely mull over her words I the coming weeks on Bigg Boss.

She says that this season is like a See- Saw where Celebrities are on the downswing while Indiawale are clearly having an upper hand. She adds that Celebrities are inactive and quiet because it’s just a game but by the time season ends India wale are going to become Celebrities by themselves.

Kamya punjabi in bigg boss

According to her Rohan speaks up and stands for himself but somewhere he also falls short in that. She questions Bani about what kind of image is she going to create by backing out of tasks. She explains to Bani that it isn’t about individual point of view but about tasks and performance.

She has a hearty laugh when Salman tells her that Om Swami is a boat because he can walk on water.

Kamya indeed gives a much- needed pep talk to the Celebrities. Will this help the Celebrities gear up and transform their strategy? Will they be able to bounce back and get their position in the house?

Salman and Swamiji’s unmissable banter on Bigg Boss 10

The clock is ticking faster and as we head to Bigg Boss 11‘s first Weekend ka Vaar, the contestants would have no idea of what awaits them.

Salman will not only have a conversation with them about their experience of the first week but also ask the inmates to pick a Khalnayak or Khalnayika, right in front of everybody. The contestants will have to support their answers with valid explainations. We leave it to your imagination what their responses could lead to.

And looks like one person in on the dart board of the other housemates. Watch what Salman has to say about this!

Are you ready to roll? Cause Bigg Boss is ready to rock!

Stay Tuned In Bigg Boss 11 Live tonight at 9PM to know who is gets picked as the first Khalnayak of this season!


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