Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode Day 10 – 26 October 2016

By | September 15, 2017

Hello Friends, Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 live streaming of season 10 day 10 full episode. Yesterday we shared Bigg boss 10 day 8 full episode live, Now get ready for episode 10 of 26 October. Today bigg boss season 10 episode will create a history.

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Contestants face rejection from Bigg Boss!

Indiawale and Celebrities have been at the BB Laundry task! They are giving it everything to win the task! But Day 1 of task was cancelled because none of the teams completed the assignment of 35 clothes. Even on Day 2 of the task, Bigg Boss sends back the clothes of both teams labeling them as rejected!

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Day 2 of BB Laundry task brings up more fights in Bigg Boss 10 house!

Day 1 of BB Laundry task was rather eventful. Bigg Boss decided to cancel that day’s task as none of the teams could complete the assignment of 35 clothes. So the task is done again in tonight’s episode and it will take the drama to an all new level!

Right from snatching clothes from hands of other contestants to hiding clothes, Indiawale resort to everything they can think of. Rohan gets into a rather ugly fight with Manveer, Manu and Navin. Amidst all this, Navin seems to be the most affected one as he screams and yells at the drop of a hat.

Manu, Navin and Manveer also charge towards Rohan during the fight but they are stopped by Rahul and Lokesh.

bb laundry task in bigg boss 10

Nitibha suggests Akanksha that if she can, she should hide clothes without getting noticed. Akanksha does exactly as she is told. Watch video Here!

Navin tries to sabotage the task for Celebrities by pouring water on their ready to send clothes. Bani gets angered by this and decides that she would do the same.

The task takes an entirely different direction as contestants continue to fight and get hurt in the process. Will any of the teams be able to complete the task? Or will they end up losing out on the luxury budget for the second time? Action unfolds tonight!

Has Nitibha finally found her voice on Bigg Boss 10?

Delhi based accounts strategist Nitibha Kaul believes ‘Never be afraid to chase your dreams’ and that’s exactly what she did by participating in Bigg Boss 10! But when she came into the Bigg Boss 10 house, she seemed calm and sophisticated to speak her heart.

But as the second week rolled in, we saw a completely different Nitibha. Earlier in the week, she was seen tussling with Lopamudra and then Rohan.

Tonight, she refuses to make coffee for Bani. Not just that, she calls her an idiot. Bani tries to talk it out with her, but Nitibha is in no mood for any discussions. She has decided that she won’t make coffee and she curtly communicates the same to Bani. Ultimately Bani backs off and leaves.

Luxury Budget Task BB Laundry creates havoc in the Bigg Boss House!

Waking up to the song ‘It happens only in India’, the housemates sense that something unusual is in store for them today. The day starts with a scuffle between the Sevaks and Maliks as Rohan questions Akansha and Lokesh if they have taken anyone’s permission before using the bathroom before them.
Akansha says that they don’t need to take permission from the Maliks to brush their teeth but for other morning chores. Rohan turns to Karan for validation and he agrees with Akansha’s point.

Soon after, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury task for the week ‘BB laundry’ where both the teams are assigned the task to wash, clean and iron clothes made available at the conveyor belt. Each team (celebrities in blue and Indiawale in orange) has to complete a consignment of 35 clothes by the end of the task after a thorough quality check.

Rohan and Nitibha are given the responsibility to inspect clothes of the opposition team and put dirty clothes in the reject bin. Bigg Boss also informs that apart from it being a luxury budget task, the results will have direct implications on ‘satta parivartan’ and upcoming nominations.

On hearing the siren, the housemates begin the task and soon go at each other’s throats. Rahul and Manoj start snatching clothes from each other to secure a larger share for their respective teams. Rohan, as the inspector, instructs the orange team on how they should wash the clothes. Manveer loses his head and asks Rohan to do his job and not interfere in their matter.

luxury budget task

Later on, Rohan also irks Navin by rejecting defectless clothes and they both get into a yelling match. Every time the clothes come from the conveyor belt, both the teams would spring upon each other and even break task rules to collect the maximum amount of clothes.

Adding some hilarity to the serious environment, Manoj and Manveer are seen poking fun at Swamiji after he tells them that he is going to make a biopic on his life. Swamiji adds that the budget for the movie is 100 crores and it will also have Hollywood actors starring in it.

Manveer expresses his wish to play younger Swamiji’s role while Lokesh says that she would like to dance in the movie. Furthermore, Mona and Manu are seen flirting with each other where Manu playfully asks Mona what do women from Kolkata like. Navin and Swamiji pull Manu’s leg by saying that Mona doesn’t like him and he should stop trying. Mona, on the other hand, out of embarrassment avoids the conversation and starts blushing.

At the end of the day, Manveer and Navin are seen having a conversation with Swamiji when Manveer gets emotional and tells Swamiji that he wants to reconcile with his father and win over his respect. At the same time, Manu tells Mona that he is an emotional and sensitive person and has the ability to get attached to anyone very quickly.

Will the Sevaks and Maliks be able to successfully complete the task and win luxury budget points? Will the task once again lead to ‘Satta Parivartan’ and change dynamics inside the Bigg Boss house?

Tune in to Bigg Boss 11 tonight at 10.30PM to know what exactly happened!


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