Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 28 November 2016

By | September 20, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 full episode of season 10 day 43. Now get ready for episode 44 of 28 November 2016. Today TV at 10:30 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode. Yesterday Salman khan will introduce wildcard entry in bigg boss 10.

Bigg boss 10 wild card will definitely change game, And this is biggest twist of all time, now it is hard to survive for contestant in the house of  bigg boss 10. Jason shah challanges gaurav, priyanka challenging bani, elena challenging nitibha and sameer challenging rahul for biggest replacement in the seoson.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode 28 November and Day 43,Episode 44

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The plotting to win the Dome Task begins and stay into bigg boss 10 house

Bigg Boss decided to tone down the doom of nominations last week, but this week, the nominated contestants will have compete neck to neck with the challengers that arrived last night in the house.
The Dome Task is about the nominated contestant and the challengers being put up in the dome. 4 pairs, 1 task, the one that leaves, the nomination will decide the fate of their stay.

gaurav and bani plotting for task in bigg boss 10

gaurav and bani plotting for task in bigg boss 10

This has rattled the contestants and they get into a serious discussion about their game strategy. The housemates start dishing out ideas as to how they can stay safe. Moreover, the ones who are safe and are not a part of this task begin to pool in their inputs too.
Well, this race has a different run to win, no starting lines and finishing lines. It’s all about stepping in and no exit, in order to emerge victorious in the Game of Domes!

Swami om’s new look in bigg boss 10 house

Despite the several controversies, Swami Om has managed to retain this element of entertainment. Be it his way of speaking, his dancing style or his fashion quotient, Swami Om is just about red-dy for it all. Tonight on Bigg Boss, Lopamudra, the lady of absolute grace and elegance in the house is out to display her talent.
She will give Swami Om a makeover. A beard trim will add a whole new swag to his image.

Swami om with new hairstyle in bigg boss 10

Swami om with new hairstyle in bigg boss 10

Get ready to greet Swami-handsome-Om.

‘Dome’ Task don’t Miss this Challenge on Bigg Boss 10

The tremors of challenge made their first appearance last night, when the Wild cards set their foot into the Bigg Boss house. Though to secure their place, they will have to have a face-off with the nominated contestants, they seem pretty much up for the deal.
Though their entry has made things shaky for the others in the house, they have to take up this challenge if they want to proceed further in this game.

Gaurav Tell about task on bigg boss 10

Gaurav Tell about task on bigg boss 10

Bigg Boss declares a challenging task for the housemates to kick-start this week. The challengers and the nominated contestants will be placed in domes. The challengers picked their competitors for the task last night on Weekend ka Vaar.
The 4 pairs for the task are, Sahil v/s Rahul, Baniv/s Priyanka, Jason v/s Gaurav and Elena v/s Nitibha. One dome for each pair and the one to step out first will lose their chance to play it further in this game and get nominated for the week directly.
Well, looks like Bigg Boss has leveled up the difficulty bar with this task once again.
Let’s see what kismat has in store for the challengers and last week’s nominated contestants

Are differences up between old house mates Priyanka Jagga and Manu? in Bigg Boss 10

Tonight in the Dome task, Bani and Priyanka Jagga end up in the same dome. Bani starts sharing with Priyanka her discussion with Monalisa. Bani tells Priyanka that Monalisa doesn’t want Priyanka to be saved. Priyanka who is already irked by Monalisa and Manu’s friendship, says that Monalisa used to insult the celebrities on Bigg Boss 10. She also goes on to saying, ‘Mera aur Mona ka koi comparison hi nahi hai!’ She adds that Monalisa is getting saved by chance.

Dome task in bigg boss 10

Dome task in bigg boss 10

Later, Priyanka accuses Manu of not trusting her. Manu asks her to stop cooking up stories and adds that why should he trust her. Upon which Priyanka comments that she is not instigating him and also that he can play his game the way he pleases.

Looks like the equations in the Bigg Boss house have changed tremendously.

Tune in to Bigg Boss 11 catch all the drama.


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