Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 24 November 2016

By | September 9, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 live streaming full episode of season 10 day 39. Now get ready for episode 38 of 24 november 2016. Today TV at 10:30 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode. Manveer, Rahul and Bani being entertainment factor of bigg boss 10. Rohan has chance to retain his captain ship. will he take this opportunity.

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Gaurav lashes out at Swami Om

Swami Om can not get through the day without taking a pill of argument. Today we see the serious man of the house- Gaurav Chopra getting into a heated argument with Swami Om. Swami ji throws atemper tantrum saying he wasn’t around during the breakfast, and once his preparation was ready, it was taken away on the account of him not working in the house.

gaurav scream on swami in bigg boss 10

gaurav scream on swami in bigg boss 10

He starts grunting about this and Gaurav loses his cool, saying that why can he not be present during breakfast. Swami says he is unaware and right at that moment Gaurav gives it back to him saying, he can very well see the work is happening and he should come and help instead of doing all this drama! No one will give a special invitation to him to do the work.
It seems like a never ending feud between the two.
However, as the day goes down, we see the other angry man of the house, Manu Punjabi, trying to regale everyone with a funny repetition of the scene in his own style.

Tough Bani breaks down on Bigg Boss 10

Contestants live as housemates on Bigg Boss and sometimes they end up making new relationships in the house. At times these bonds become strong and last even after the show. But nothing can replace one’s family and the bond one shares with their loved ones!

Bani Break down in bigg boss house

Bani Break down in bigg boss house

Tonight, Bani breaks down as she misses her family and close ones. Later on she confesses that she wanted to stay in the game only as long as she would enjoy it. But somehow tonight she isn’t having fun and hence wants to cry it out. She also adds that when a person is crying he or she should be allowed to cry.

Lopa continues to make effort to win the secret task

Rohan adress the bigg boss house

Rohan adress the bigg boss house

Yesterday, the contestants received their luxury budget task on Bigg Boss 10. The contestants are supposed to fetch riches and deposit it with Captain Rohan. If the task is carried out successfully, Rohan will continue to play the Captain for another week. However, Bigg Boss threw in a googly with assigning Lopa and Manu a secret task of stealing from Rohan’s treasury in order to contest for the Captaincy in the week.
While Rohan got a subtle hint about things yesterday from Lopa’s end, that she may be having a secret task, Lopa mellowed things down during the day. However, as Lopa went up to the garden area at night, where Rohan was guarding the treasury, his sleep broke with Lopa’s presence.
As a result, Rohan gets a fair idea about the robbery plan and tells Lopa to stop doing what she is. An argument follows and Lopa persists to make efforts to win the task by trying to rob Rohan.
Let’s see if her efforts are fruitful. Tune in tonight to catch the entire action on secret chori in the Bigg Boss house at 10.30PM!

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