Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 22 November 2016

By | July 15, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 live streaming full episode of season 10 day 37. Now get ready for episode 36 of 22 november 2016. Today TV at 10:30 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode. Manveer, Rahul and Bani being entertainment factor of bigg boss 10.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode 22 November Day 36

Watch full episode of bigg boss 10 here only and you can also download this episode by clicking download button near by.

Manveer, Rahul and Bani spin a new tale of entertainment

Last night, on Bigg Boss, we saw the first stint of the contestants at the viral videos task. At the end of the task for the day, both teams- team Bani and team Lopa stood equal on the scores. However, regardless of who scored what, both the teams came up with interesting plots to grab Sunny Leone’s attention.
Today, we see the contestants still in the mode of entertaining the audience.

Rahul, manveer and bani entertainment factor

Rahul, manveer and bani entertainment factor

Meet Ramesh Chaudhary- Manveer’s new avatar tonight. He plays a young lad who is out to scout for a bride. Meet Suresh and Kamlesh Chaudhary- Rahul and Bani, bright and shiny Ramesh’s parents. Ramesh expresses his wish of getting married and the kind of bride he wants to meet. Ramesh’s sweet wish will make you chuckle.

Are you ready to witness this funny matrimonial drama in the Bigg Boss house.

Swami Om commit , ‘Main Duniya ka Sabse Bada Tantric Hoon!’

Swami Om always has new ways of entertaining us. Tonight he will tell Rohan, Lopamudra and Monalisa about his powers as a Tantric. All four are just relaxing when Swami Om says that he is the greatest Tantrik in the world.

Swami Om Shocking commitment

Swami Om Shocking commitment

Rohan questions this to which Swami Om answers that ‘Mere muqaable mein koi nahin!’

Sunny Leone brings a new twist to the story on Bigg Boss 10

At the kick of a brand new week, the Bigg Boss 10 housemates are greeted with another challenge.
The stunning Sunny Leone gives the Viral Videos task to the contestants.

Sunny leone on Bigg Boss 10 house

Sunny leone on Bigg Boss 10 house

The housemates will be divided into two teams and create matter for viral videos! This sounds extremely exciting!
We cannot wait to see what the contestants can come up with in order to impress Sunny Leone.The team that fails to do so, goes straight into the nominations.

Tune in tonight at 10.30 PM to catch the masala on this viral video task.

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