Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 18 November 2016

By | August 22, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 live streaming full episode of season 10 day 33. Yesterday we shared Bigg boss 10 day 32 full episode live, Now get ready for episode 32 of 17 november 2016. Today bigg boss season 10 episode will create a history by changing captain. Roha disturp all bigg boss 10 house member.

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Looks like Lokesh is in trouble

Since Lokesh behaviour wasn’t listening to Rohan, he decides to punish her. Rohan tells Lokesh that she will have to be in the outside area once it’s lights off in the house. Lokesh frustrates him further and says she doesn’t know what the word punishment implies. Rohan tells her that she is getting onto his nerves but this statement falls on deaf ears.

At the same time, Rahul, who is seated on the dining table along with Rohan, loses his temper on Lokesh. Lokesh who was having a conversation with Rohan kept swaying a tissue box and it came pretty close to Rahul’s face. Rahul caught hold of the box and threw it across the table, asking Lokesh to behave herself and calling her ‘badtaamez’.

How Will Lokesh Deal With Fury Being Dished Out Her By Rohan And Rahul?

Kitchen crisis between Rahul and Nitibha

Another feud is cooking in the Kitchen today. Bani is cooking food for herself as she is not well informed about the fact that the meal is already ready. Nitibha says that she didn’t know Dal and Rice had been cooked and kept.

Kitchen crisis between Rahul and Nitibha

Kitchen crisis between Rahul and Nitibha

Rahul gets irked on hearing this and tells Nitibha how can she not be aware of the meal preparations. Nitibha says that since she was outside, she wasn’t aware what’s going on. She also points out that if Rahul saw Bani in the kitchen area preparing a meal for herself, he could have come and simply told her that the food had been made
Rahul gives it back to Nitibha saying that he is not here to cater to people individually and that Nitibha was absolutely aware that the Dal had been prepared. Rahul made his point very clear, that he doesn’t like people talking behind his back or with any disrespect.

Heated argument takes place between Rohan and Lopa

After the competition held yesterday, Rohan was selected to be the Captain of the house for the week. As asked by Bigg Boss he had to pick two contestants to be punished and sent to the jail. Rohan picks Manveer and Manu but chooses not to declare the reason behind this choice.

argument takes place between Rohan and Lopa

argument takes place between Rohan and Lopa

This behaviour of Rohan doesn’t go down too well with the housemates, especially Lopa. Due to this these two- Rohan and Lopa get into an enormous argument about Rohan playing the game in an unfair manner.

Rohan argues that he won’t give out the his reason and it’s his wish who he chooses and who he doesn’t. Lopa lashes out at him on hearing this and says he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, he is not being a Captain but a Dictator instead. Rohan’s tone of argument takes a higher pitch, he says “Tum mujhey baataogi fair kya hota hai ya nahi.

The spat gets bad to worst and Lopa gives a final word that she will only talk to Rohan after a week.

Looks like, the new Captain is going to shoot up the mercury level in this house.

Rohan to turn into a Dictator on Bigg Boss 10?

Rohan has replaced Bani as a Captain for this week on Bigg Boss 10. Tonight, Bigg Boss asks him to punish any two Housemates. The punishment entails that the chosen two have to stand in a huge box that is kept in the jail.

Rohan punish manu and manveer

Rohan punish manu and manveer

Rohan picks Manu and Manveer for the punishment. However, he makes it complicated by refusing to give any reason for picking these two names. Naturally, this irks Manu and Manveer who take a stand that they will not carry out the punishment unless they are explained the reason behind this choice. Further Manu ends up saying that this is a Dictator- like behavior which will not be tolerated.

Well, the atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss House is rather heated up. Tune in tonight at 10.30PM to witness the fireworks!

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