Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 17 November 2016

By | August 19, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 live streaming full episode of season 10 day 32. Yesterday we shared Bigg boss 10 day 31 full episode live, Now get ready for episode 32 of 17 november 2016. Today bigg boss season 10 episode will create a history by changing captain.

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Bani, Karan and Gaurav Talking about favoritism for Lopa

The celebrity ladies- Lopa and Bani have been constantly looping on the string of disputes for a while. Today once again during the Captaincy task, the two got into a tiff and their differences seems to be growing wider. Lopa feels that Bani is insecure of her. On the other hand Bani, discusses with Karan and Gaurav that there seems to increasing favouritism towards Lopa from Rahul and Manu’s end. Bani doesn’t seem to pleased with their words and updates her close tribe about it.

Bani In Bigg Boss 10 House

Bani In Bigg Boss 10 House

Baba Om Swami Rebirth in Bigg Boss 10

Swami Om is a complete entertainer on this show. He can never fail to grab our attention with all his crazy activities and stories. Once again, get ready to her some fantastic tales from Swami Om’s life. Lopa had asked Swami Om about his beliefs on rebirth so he goes on to share an interesting insight from his life withGaurav, Rahul and Lopa. While it may just be a story for us, Swami Ji is narrating this entire episode like a katha to them.

Baba Om Swami Rebirth in Bigg Boss 10

Baba Om Swami Rebirth in Bigg Boss 10

 Get Ready for the new Captain (captain ship task)

The week is winding up and before it does, Bigg Boss is all ready with a new Captaincy task to be given out tonight. It’s time for Bani, the first Captain of Bigg Boss season 10, to pass the baton to someone else.
Nitibha reads out the task and as decided by Bigg Boss, 4 ontestants Karan, Lopa, Rahul and Rohan have to compete against one another in the task.

Nitibha announces captain ship task

Nitibha announces captain ship task

However, no task is complete without a dash of arguments. During Lopa and Karan face-off, Bani and Lopa hit the chord of argument. We even get hear them address each other uniquely.
Well, looks like nothing is going to dim their argumentative spirit.

Lopa vs Karan in captain ship task

Lopa vs Karan in captain ship task

Lopamudra refuses to listen to Captain Bani!

It’s no more a secret that Bani and Lopamudra just don’t get along and seems like they have decided to not try even! Both these beautiful ladies were seen at loggerheads on various occasions.

Tonight, Bani, the captain asks Lopamudra to clean the jail properly. Needless to say that Lopamudra believes that the way she is cleaning it is already as perfect as she can. Both keep stressing upon their points and another tiff arises.

Later Monalisa and Manveer try to discuss this problem with Lopamudra. Monalisa asks her that what issue does Bani have with her and to this Lopamudra flatly replies saying that she doesn’t have inkling about it. In fact she herself wonders why Bani behaves the way she does.

Well, all said and done, both these women have an indomitable spirit and they are simply rocking the house!


Check out how the contestants have a blast during the task.

Lopamudra and Lokesh… Acting all scared!
Karan and Rohan… Happy Smiles!
Manu and Monalisa… Posing and all!
Nitibha and Gaurav… Isn’t she a gorgeous ghost?
Bani and Manveer… Madness unlimited!

For all the drama and entertainment, tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM!


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