Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 49 Of Date 1 December 2016 Day 48

By | September 25, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 full episode of season 10 day 46. Now get ready for episode 47 of 1 December 2016. Today TV at 10:30 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode.

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 49 Of Date 1 December 2016 Day 48

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 49 Of Date 1 December 2016 Day 48

As you have seen in bigg boss 10 yesterday’s episode. Rahul, Bani, Elena And Jason Are in jail and get nominated in this week. Save your contestant by giving them vote. They are doing luxury budget task and get tired.

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Manveer- Monalisa- Manu’s bonding seems to be shaking on Bigg Boss 10

Manu V/s Manveer On Bigg Boss 10 show

Manu V/s Manveer On Bigg Boss 10 show

Tonight, Manveer and Monalisa get into an argument over throwing the test tube of Gaurav’s name. Monalisa has Gaurav’s test tube and Manveer is asking her to throw it. However, Monalisa isn’t willing to do so because Gaurav has Manu’s test tube and Monalisa feels that if she throws Gaurav’s test tube, he may in turn throw away Manu’s test tube. This leads to an argument between Monalisa and Manveer.

Manveer talks a bit rudely with Monalisa and Manu has to intervene. This upsets Manveer and Monalisa ends up breaking down.

It is hard to believe that the trio that has seen some best moments on Bigg Boss 10 together is now fighting among each other.

Differences between Priyanka and Manu increase on Bigg Boss 10

After Priyanka is back as wildcard, she is not finding the same importance in her circle as before. While Manveer still supports her, Manu favors Monalisa. She points out to Manveer that Manu should have asked Monalisa to throw the test tube she holds but he hasn’t succeeded.

Priyanka jagga on today's bigg boss 10 episode

Priyanka jagga on today’s bigg boss 10 episode

All this hasn’t gone down too well with Priyanka. She is trying hard to patch up with Manu and improve her equation with him but when that is not happening, she seems to have taken a different stand.

Tonight as the contestants discuss about the captaincy task contenders, Gaurav comments that Manu and him are not bothered about immunity and hence they are better contenders for captaincy. Priyanka, who is also part of the conversation, says that according to her Gaurav and Manveer are suitable for captaincy task. This statement definitely upsets Manu.

Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om has different agenda on his mind

Tonight, Swami Om is seen lobbying with the housemates to get him and Lopamudra to contest for the captaincy. Bani tells him that Gaurav is a fit name to be the captain but according to Swami Om’s logic, there’s a possibility that he and Lopamudra may come face to face to compete for the captaincy.

Swami Om And It's different opinion on Bigg Boss 10

Swami Om And It’s different opinion on Bigg Boss 10

Later, he tells Rohan that Lopamudra should get into the captaincy task and someone weak, like Swami Om, should face her. Rohan laughs this away. On the other hand, Swami Om tells Nitibha and Manu that he will expose everyone. He has been observing everyone’s games and eventually he will tear of everyone’s masks.

What exactly is Swami Om up to? Will he prove to be a top player in power games? Only time can tell!

Bigg Boss 10 housemates fight over Luxury Budget Task

the nominated contestants lose it. They are extremely tired and refuse to pedal. Lopamudra is cooking in the kitchen and asks Priyanka that the gas needs to be on. The nominated contestants have to pedal so that the gas can be switched on. Bani gets off the cycle and says that she cannot do it anymore. When everything is ready she will start pedaling. Elena tells Lopamudra to show them what all is preparation has been made for cooking. This irks Lopamudra and doesn’t go well with Priyanka either.

Later on, Nitibha talks to the other housemates and asks them about the problem in cooking something of someone’s choice. Lopamudra reminds her that it was agreed upon that only oats and ‘Burji’ is to be cooked so that the nominated contestants have to pedal the least. Lopamudra tells Priyanka that she should explain this to the nominated contestants. When Priyanka goes to speak to the nominated contestants Bani clarifies that they just expect some time management in this task as they are already tired because of continuous pedaling.

The continuous back and forth discussions are testing everyone’s patience however Nitibha seems to be most bugged. She snaps back at Priyanka and this leads to another small argument between them.

Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM to know more about this…


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