Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Written Update Of Date 7th December 2016

By | August 5, 2017

On 7th december 2016 bigg boss 11 episode, find out: Priyanka and Rohan continue with their tiffs on Bigg Boss 10, Lopamudra accuses Priyanka and Gaurav of stealing on Bigg Boss 10, Gaurav’s changed Avatar on Bigg Boss 10.

Bigg Boss 10 live full episode of day 53

Bigg Boss 10 live full episode of day 53

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Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of season 10 day 53. Now get ready for episode 54 of 7th December 2016. Today TV at 10:30 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode of luxury budget task.

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Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode 4th December and Day 52 Episode 54

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Priyanka and Rohan continue with their tiffs on Bigg Boss 10

Priyanka and Rohan get into one more argument in the string of squabbles that they have had in the past.
Tonight, Priyanka questions Rohan over breaking rules of the BB Taxi Stand task. Rohan argues back, trying to put across his point. The conversation goes back and forth for a while. Priyanka almost complains that Rohan is not listening or following the rules or even paying the fine. Rohan tells her that he would support Manveer but not her. Priyanka is totally irritated by this behavior.

Seeing his ‘Beti’ in trouble, Swami Om jumps into the fight and starts saying mean things about Rohan. This starts another fight between Swami Om and Rohan. Both make comments about each other and neither is willing to back off.

Lopamudra accuses Priyanka and Gaurav of stealing on Bigg Boss 10

Lopamudra hides her bundle of ‘money-points’ tonight because she doesn’t want Priyanka to snatch it from her and become a captaincy contender. As per Lopamudra’s plan, she feigns innocence when Priyanka questions about the bundle.
Priyanka has her game in place too. She starts looking for the bundle herself assuming that Lopamudra has hidden it somewhere. She also warns her that hiding the bundle is not allowed. Lopamudra replies saying that she has lost it and she is willing to accept defeat. Priyanka however, continues checking around for the ‘lost’ bundle.

While Priyanka is at it and questioning Lopamudra, Gaurav walks in with a bundle and handing it over to Priyanka he informs that it was in the bathroom. Lopamudra is shell shocked. She accuses Gaurav and Priyanka of stealing her bundle of points.
Lopamudra is absolutely angered by all this and says that she was just saving her points from Priyanka. Hiding one’s own things cannot account to stealing. She also fights with Gaurav and tells him to play his own game rather than spoil hers. Gaurav is in turn mean to her and clarifies that he wouldn’t support her. Lopamudra is extremely hurt and breaks down by all this, so much so, that she says she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore.
How will this change the game for all housemates? Will Priyanka contest for captaincy and manage to become a captain?

Gaurav’s changed Avatar on Bigg Boss 10.

Gaurav has been the level headed, image conscious housemate on Bigg Boss 10. He has always pointed out to others about their bad and irrational behavior in the house. Several times, he has also been criticized to be image- conscious and labeled to be boring by different panelists. He always responded to the criticism by saying that till the end he will take care of his image as he doesn’t want to send out a wrong message to his fans who, made him what he is.

The other side of an understanding and patient Gaurav was seen during the captaincy task with Manveer where he continued his game despite Manveer getting injured. Housemates had criticized him for this totally unexpected behavior.
Even tonight, we get to witness something similar, and Gaurav crosses swords with Lopamudra…
Since beginning, Lopamudra never really got along with Gaurav, although, both seem to be making an effort to maintain a healthy bond. Tonight, Lopamudra hides her ‘money- points’ from Priyanka as she is unwilling to share it with her. When Priyanka asks her about it, Gaurav, who has found the bundle hidden in the washroom, brings it and hands over to Priyanka.

Naturally, Lopamudra is furious as Gaurav spoils her game. She accuses him of changing the equation for the entire house and other housemates. She says that he should play his own game and not interfere with hers. Gaurav argues that he wouldn’t support Lopamudra as she has a different face in front of him and another one behind his back.

Will Gaurav’s action lead to Priyanka becoming the next captain?

Bani is upset with him for not supporting her!
On the other hand, Bani and Gaurav’s friendship has been on the rocks for a while now. Tonight he speaks to other housemates about Bani’s behavior. He tells Monalisa that Bani expects him to be supportive however she doesn’t reciprocate with the same kind of support. Surprisingly, he further adds, ‘Na rishtey mein waisa kucch hai!’ He also tells Manveer that, ‘Main bina baat ka fasa hua hu ek situation mein!’
Gaurav’s statements have definitely put a question mark on his bonding with Bani.

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