Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode of 4th January 2017 (Day 80)

By | September 30, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of day 80. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 3rd January 2017, Now get ready for episode of 4th January 2017. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a double history.

Bigg Boss 11 : Full Episode 4th January 2017 (Day 80)

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode of 4th January 2017

Manu And Manveer Snap At Swami Om On Bigg Boss 10!

Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 we will see how Manu Punjabi and Manveer open up their true feelings in front of Swami Om.  Manu clearly says to Swami Om that he has a very bad habit of saying wrong things about him behind his back such as “Manu Punjabi has become arrogant” etc. Swami Om says Manu is unnecessarily over reacting to things. Manveer too comes in support of Manu.

In disagreement Swami Om says that everyone in the Bigg Boss house has somewhere believed that he is going to win the show, that’s why they keep fighting with him!  Manu in response says that he hasn’t ever faced the truth!

While moving out of the scene Swami Om says that everyone will have to speak with him until he is in the Bigg Boss house. He is even quoted saying “Lado jhagdo magar shaanti se toh baithne dunga nahi”.

How will the housemates deal with this nature of Swami Om further?

Oh No! Fight Over An Umbrella In The Bigg Boss House!

Anything is possible in the Bigg Boss House! A small reason or big, anything can become a reason for a rage at any point in time.  Something similar happened during the Maalgadi task which will be telecasted in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10.

Swami Om is seen sitting in the cage, as he tries taking away an umbrella kept over there, Nitibha and Manu standing at the same place try taking it back from him. During this struggle, Swami Om’s hand gets hurt and starts bleeding a little. He complains to Bigg Boss that it happened because of them.

Fight Over An Umbrella In The Bigg Boss House!

He further does something that irk the housemates to the core!

Now what does Swami Om do again?

“Will We Be Friends Forever?” Asks Nitibha To Manveer On Bigg Boss 10!

A little away from the normal day to day drama that happens in the Bigg Boss house,  friends Nitibha and Manveer spend some sweet moments of a friendly tu tu main main!

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 Nitibha will be seen telling Manveer, he is someone who believes in his own thoughts. As the two bond over the conversation, Manveer says he is just like that, or else people in the house usually don’t stick to the things that they say.

Manveer also mentions that he is not a person who is suljha hua  (sorted), but pure! Nitibha prompting in between says she is exactly like him. In a little complaining tone Nitibha says that Manveer isn’t bothered much about her being around and that she doesn’t have high expectations from him but a little for sure! As the duo talks further, Nitibha asks him whether he feels they will remain friends for the rest of the life, to which Manveer says he will always remain the same.

Recalling a past instance Nitibha mentions how Manveer didn’t have positive things to say about her but negative. Manveer then says that what she is thinking isn’t correct, and that she is very pretty and makes yummy paraathaas! Taunting at him she grins and even questions him saying why he feels she always interferes in the matters of the people and does make up all the time! Towards the end of their chat both have to say something about each other!

Wow! Looks like this episode will definitely lighten the mood!

On Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om Wants To Be Part Of All The Selfies Clicked!

On Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om Wants To Be Part Of All The Selfies Clicked

In an unexpected event, housemates get into yet another argument with Swami Om. This time during an activity with Oppo, the housemates are asked to click their selfies. However there are certain conditions attached to it as well.

As the housemates prepare to get themselves clicked in the garden area, Swami Om jumps in between saying he wants to be part of all the pictures. The housemates say this is not possible as there are reasons to it, but Swami Om being Swami Om pays no heed and remains adamant. He still tries coming inside the frame as few of the housemates prepare to get clicked.

This annoys Manveer and rest other housemates!

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Know that tonight on Bigg Boss 11 Live at 10:30 PM! 🙂


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