Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Online Day 30 – 15 November 2016

By | June 30, 2017

Today we are sharing bigg boss 10 full episode of 15 november or day 30. As we seen in our previous episode of bigg boss 10. Monalisa, rahul, karan and lokesh are nominated for this week. So please vote for them and save them in bigg boss house. Watch full episode of bigg boss 10 here.

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Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode 30, 15 November

Today on Tuesday, It means luxury budget task which also majorly effect on immunity also. so all house member today give 200% in today’s task.

Luxury Budget Task Team Rohan Vs Team Monalisa

The Luxury Budget task has seen the house being divided into two teams. Rohan and Monlisa are heading the two teams.

Bigg Boss announces the first task for the two teams and it’s sweeter than you would think. We kid you not! Even though there is competition, Bigg Boss always loves to spread some sweetness amongst the contestants, in this own style. This task will see two challengers hog their way to some sweetness.

A bowl of 25 rasgullas each, one challenger from each team and some insane appetite for desserts are going to be the ingredients needed to win this challenge. The two who will compete tonight for this challenge will be Rahul and Manu.

Fight Between Manveer And Rohan During Task

If this wasn’t enough, spewing words at each other in the heat of the moment is going to be pretty much the deal for the day.

Rohan Vs Manveer Fight During Lockdown Task

Rohan Vs Manveer Fight During Lockdown Task

Rohan and Manveer bark at each other, challenging one another in a rough tone. This argument gets bitter. Rohan even tells, ” Tu bhai bhai karke, peeche se chura bhokta hai. Mard ban ke khel le.” Manveer retaliates saying,” Tu sikhayega mard ban naa?”

Swami Om Entertainment Part In Lockdown Task

Bigg Boss has announced an important Luxury Budget Task where the Gharwale are divided in two teams and have to compete against each other. Amidst all this drama, Swami Om is on a different track altogether.

Swami Om Provide Entertainment In Lockdown Task

Swami Om Provide Entertainment In Lockdown Task

While everyone else has changed into the sack cloth, Swami Om continues to wear his ‘Laal Choga’! Not just that, he wants more food than others and to everyone’s amusement he tries to snatch some rice from the team. He also says, ‘Kya aap chahte hai ki mera death ho jaaye!’ While everyone else is busy in the task, he is happily eating the rice. Later on when he wants to use the washroom, Manveer runs in before him. In his unique style, Swami Om complains to Bigg Boss that Manveer is not letting him use the washroom.

Stay tune with tevevision to know today’s drama on Bigg Boss 10 15 november. sharp 10:30 pm only on colors.

Who will win the Rasgulla Task? Rahul Manu

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