Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Online Day 28 – 13 November 2016

By | June 28, 2017

Hey guys, Yeah bigg boss 10 will be slightly boring according to audience and viewer, salman khan also angry on bigg boss 10 celebrity contestant. Today we are sharing bigg boss 10 full episode of 13 november or day 28. Yesterday on 27 day in bigg boss 10 full episode we have seen that salman khan looked very disappoint with rahul, rohan and karan for their laziness in house.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode 28, 13 Nov.

Today it is fantastic to see manveer vs gaurav and bani vs lopamudra in pitted. they will sure come out with their frustration on each other.

Manveer vs gaurav in bigg boss 10

Manveer vs gaurav in bigg boss 10

Contestants pitted against each other for Kushti Task on Bigg Boss 10!

Weekend ka Vaar is always spiced up with extra excitement as entertainment reaches a new level with unique tasks and a special ‘tadka’ by none other than, Salman Khan. So why should this weekend be any different?

Bani vs lopamudra fight in bigg boss 10

Bani vs lopamudra fight in bigg boss 10

Tonight the thrill rockets to a new height as Bani and Lopamudra among women and Manveer and Gaurav among men are seen wrestling with each other. And this is just the beginning to a drama that would continue to unfold through the week! Whoever loses the task becomes the ‘Sevak’ of the winner for 24 hours.

Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om says, ‘Main toh Final tak jaa raha hoon!’

Swami Om is back in the Bigg Boss house and this time in better form than before. On Weekend ka Vaar, VJ Andy asks him for some ‘Vishesh Tippani’ about his future to which Swami Om replies that he is not an astrologer. But the real deal is when Tannisha straightaway asks him, ‘Aap jhooth kyun bolte ho?’ and he replies that ‘Everything is fair in love and war.’ He adds that he is playing a game and he would push all his limits to win it.

Swami omji think he is winner of bigg boss 10

Swami omji think he is winner of bigg boss 10

Swami ji’s change of approach takes everyone by surprise and Salman can’t help but say that he simply loves Swami Om! Now that’s some fandom.

Andy and Tannisha on Bigg Boss 10 as Celebrity Panel

VJ Andy and actress Tannisha Mukherjee visit Bigg Boss 10 tonight to give a much needed dose of constructive criticism to the contestants. Andy and Tannisha have both been contestants on Bigg Boss 7 and are closely following Bigg Boss 10.

Andy and tanisha in bigg boss 10

Andy and tanisha in bigg boss 10

Tonight, they come in to point out where the contestants can improve their game. Needless to say, it is mainly Bani who is at the receiving end. Tannisha states that after winning the Captaincy, Bani clearly lost control. She also questions her decision about giving the ‘Inaam’ and Jail Punishment, both to Manu. Bani tries to defend herself but in vain.

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