Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode of 12th January 2017 (Day 88)

By | August 12, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of day 88. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 11th January 2017, Now get ready for episode of 12th January 2017. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a history.

Bigg Boss 11 : Full Episode 12th January 2017 (Day 88)

Bigg Boss ka call center task for luxury budget in BB10

Luxury Budget Task: Bigg Boss Ka Call Centre On Bigg Boss 10

The luxury budget task for this week is called ‘Bigg Boss Ka Call Cantre’, wherein the housemates would be divided into two. Team Manu; will have Lopamudra, Manu and Manveer who will act as the call centre employees, whereas team Rohan; having Nitibha, Bani and Rohan will be the troubled customers who would throw such questions at the customer care executives that make them feel agitated and test their tolerance power!

Nitibha and rohan become caller of bigg boss 10

This task is definitely going to make the feathers ruffle between the housemates, as the role of customers is to provoke the customer care employees to blurt out things which they aren’t supposed to, being the employees.

This task is definitely going to entertain us in tonight’s episode.

Luxury Budget Task: In The Bigg Boss House Bani Does Everything To Pester Lopamudra

It will be interesting to see Lopamudra and Bani on a call tonight during the task in the Bigg Boss house. Bani makes the use of the opportunity to the maximum when asked to raise questions for the customer care employee, Lopamudra. Bani from the very beginning maintains a high pitch while speaking, she asks a question in sarcasm; that why Lopa loves her so much, to this Lopa smiles and responds saying that’s because she doesn’t carry any sort of hatred in her heart for Bani. She further asks if she thinks that her overall value is based on her good looks, and replying to this Lopamudra says that she thinks Bani has lots of problems with her looks, she even questions her back saying “kya main aapki aankhon mein chubhti hun?” (do I hurt you in eyes?).

Fight between bani and lopa during caller task

A little later Rohan speaks with Bani and complaints that why she has to say he doesn’t do the task properly; he even says that she was constantly asking Lopa personal questions which were senseless. When Bani tells him that even he tells few not so good things to Lopa, Rohan replies saying those are in joke, he even tells her that how does she think that Lopa takes eight hours to do her makeup. He even questions her asking does she wants him to make Lopa cry.

Luxury Budget Task: Manveer And Manu’s Patience Put To Test On Bigg Boss 10

The luxury budget task this week will put the housemates in a situation wherein the more they try controlling their emotions the more the situation will trigger them not to do so! Tonight we will see Manveer receiving call from the customer, Nitibha. Nitibha will straightaway ask him “Aapke liye dosti ka kya matlab hai?”, responding to her query Manveer will be assuring her that whatever complaints she has had so far pertaining to their friendship, he will work upon all of that with an utmost effort. Manveer even mentions how he wants to hear something more along with the term ‘friendship’ from Nitibha. Hmmm…what could that be? Manveer assures her he will give a lifetime friendship to her. Nitibha getting a little serious says how he considers her to be an easy target every time, as in talks and behaves in not so pleasant manner every now and then and later gets back to normal which is absolutely not acceptable by Nitibha.

Tension in caller task in Bigg Boss 10

Rohan gets another opportunity to grill Manu while on call. He also has loads of complaints from Manu like, he is not good at doing tasks, but too good when it comes to back biting and that he thinks he is already a winner on the show. Listening to all of that, Manu patiently replies him telling that he feels along with others even Rohan is a big fan of him since he has observed him so much and done a lot of research about him.

After hanging up the call Manu tells Manveer that he never expected Rohan to say so much about him, in fact he states that; it was even more than what Priyanka Jagga must have told about him.

What do you have to say about these allegations on Manu and Manveer?

There is a lot of thing unfold in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, tune in at 10:30 PM

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