Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 24th December 2016 (Day 69)

By | September 9, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 full episode of day 69. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 23rd December, Now get ready for episode 69 of 24th December 2016. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a trouble history. Weekend ka vaar!

Bigg Boss 10 24th December 2016 Full Episode

 Salman Khan kicks Priyanka Jagga

Salman Khan loses all his cool! Asks Priyanka to leave the Bigg Boss House!

Tonight’s episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ On Bigg Boss 10 will be very truly nail biting! As Salman will be seen telling Priyanka how she has been the most abusive contestant in the house.

He makes a remark on the things she has been telling that are very wrong. Agitated Priyanka starts weeping and says she doesn’t want to stay any more. Salman strictly warns that this ‘Drama’ wouldn’t work on him.

Looking at her behavior and unnecessary arguments Salman loses his temper completely and says “Please leave my home” to Priyanka. In fact he even warns that he doesn’t want to see her again ever on the show! Priyanka is seen walking out from the living room, and other housemates applaud and thank Salman for doing this.

The story gets very interesting here! So you think this will be the last day for Priyanka? Or she will feel sorry for her mistakes?

Salman Khan Makes Priyanka jagga muise to leave the Bigg Boss 10 House! Click Here to Know More!

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In a surprising twist Mr. Salman Khan asks Manveer Gurjar in the house to bring a ‘Gamcha’ (towel) and asks whether it’s clean or no, on latter’s response of it being clean Salman says it should have been dirty! Then asks him to use it for covering Swami Om’s mouth!

Swami OM

Oh, so quite clearly Salman kept a close watch on Swami’s actions in the Bigg Boss House and mentions about his talking rubbish most of the times. The reason is to make him quite so that he could just listen this time.

The Housemates in Salman’s support also bring certain concerns related to Swami Om, in fact Manu comments  saying he is mentally unwell and that’s why he speaks nonsense most of the times.

What will be the further reaction of Salman on this? Will Swami Om be able to justify himself?

Bigg Boss 10: Bani J FINALLY gets to meet her bestie Gauhar Khan

The family meeting task has begun inside the Bigg Boss house with Priyanka Jagga being the first one to meet her kids. Gaurav Chopra and Rohan Mehra too got to meet their respective brothers.

Manu Punjabi and Swami Om are the batteries of the Family app task, So when Monalisa wanted to meet her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, both Manu and Omji were required to give up on the luxury budget items for the remaining days on the show and surprisingly, Swami Om also agreed to give up the luxury budget.

Now, in the upcoming episode, when Bani J goes inside the activity area, there’s only 6% battery left and she’s given the options to meet Gauhar Khan for 2 or 10 minutes, get a call from her or a message from her but she’s unable to select any of it owing to low battery.

So Bigg Boss informs Bani that if both Manu and Swami Om say that they will nominate themselves for the next week, the battery level will go up again and she’ll be able to meet Gauhar. Initially neither of them were ready to nominate themselves but eventually they give in and get themselves nominated to enable Bani meet Gauhar.

Finally, Om Swami has done at least one good deed inside the house. Meanwhile, Gauhar, who had been there done that, advised Bani that she shouldn’t say that she wants to quit the show as there are her fans, waiting for her to emerge as the winner. She further told Bani that she should give her cent percent in the task and play a fair game.

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To know everything watch the bigg boss 10 episode tonight at 9 PM! 🙂

Stay tune with us for Bigg Boss season 11.


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