Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 23rd December 2016 (Day 68)

By | July 12, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of day 68. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 22nd December, Now get ready for episode 68 of 23rd December 2016. Today bigg boss 11 episode will create a trouble history.

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Online

8 Years of Silence Between Manveer and His Father to Break on Bigg Boss 10!

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 will truly move you from within when you will see Manveer breaking down in tears after he sees his father. The father and the son did not speak with each other for 8 long years!!! Bigg Boss House became a wonderful medium to unite this father-son duo! Splendid! all we can say, isn’t it?

Manveer cries at the drop of the hat as he hugs his father again and again! His father in exchange trying to control his emotions is seen patting his back and sometimes caressing his loving son. We are sure this moment will melt your hearts in tonight’s episode!

Will this be a new beginning to their relationship?

Do share your views in the below space.

6 Percent Of Battery Makes It Difficult For Bani To Meet Gauhar Khan On Bigg Boss 10!

The Family App gave a wonderful chance to the housemates to meet their loved ones but as we know things aren’t that easy in the Bigg Boss House, the app too has it’s limitations. Every time a housemate meets a loved one a certain amount of battery gets drained. Naturally, now this can make it difficult for the remaining housemates to fulfill their wishes.

Gauhar Khan

Something similar is going to happen with Bani Judge, tonight on Bigg Boss 10 Gauhar Khan will be seen waiting to meet her but Bani feels completely helpless as she is left with only 6% of the battery. However, Bigg Boss mentions that she will still be able to meet Gauhar if she can convince Manu Punjabi and Swami Om to nominate themselves for the next week’s eviction! Oh! So this puts Bani in a fix!

What will Bani do? Will she be able to convince Swami Om and Manu? Will they agree?

Having her sister around makes Lopamudra cry like a baby on Bigg Boss 11!

Lopa is indeed fortunate enough to meet her sweet sister, Bhagyashree through the ‘Family App’. You will find her at complete ease as she shares her heart out!

While trying to calm her down Bhagyashree mentioned that their father has conveyed that she shouldn’t misbehave with Swami Om since he is elderly, rather ignore him. Also, she guides her to focus on the game and not divert her mind on unnecessary things as she is playing very well.

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 23th December 2016

Hmmm… now this is what a sibling does! Isn’t it?

Do you think Lopa will follow whatever she has been asked to by her sister?

Tune in to watch the whole episode of Bigg Boss 11 at 10:30 PM tonight!

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