4 Wild Card Entry In Bigg Boss 10 Will Change Game

By | September 16, 2017

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After Swami Om Here Bigg Boss 10 announce 4 other wild card entry that will enter in the house. Bigg boss 11 live update, news, videos and full episode review available here.

Amazing news for viewer of bigg boss 10 : 4 entertaining wild card entry

Bigg Boss 10 wild card entry and truth about them (short biography)

Bigg Boss 10 wild card entry and truth about them (short biography)

Here we will tell you about four wild card entry that will enter in bigg boss 10 house. let’s see in future how much entertain can provide this contestant.

Four wild card entry in bigg boss house and their introduction

Bigg Boss 10 has enamoured the nation with its riveting mix of celebrities and Indiawale. While the commoners have won hearts with their unique andaaz, the celebrities have displayed an amazing sense of diplomacy. Raising the excitement levels, Bigg Boss is all set to unleash a new level of entertainment through the introduction of 4 wildcard entries. These newbies will not only create havoc inside the house but will also erase any strategies that the contestants have been using over the past month. Specifically targeting the nominated contestants for this week, these wild card entries will make the survival a lot tougher for the already-nervous contestants.

This four will enter in bigg boss 10 house

Priyanka Jagga
Jason Shah
Elena Kazan
Sahil Anand

Bigg Boss 10 truth about wild card entry

After shaking the house with her Machiavellian nature and touting herself as the “Chaand without a daag”, Priyanka Jagga will re-enter Bigg Boss with a brand new strategy. Eliminated in the very first week, Priyanka has proven herself to be a tough and shrewd competitor even earning the hatred of most celebrities.

Priyanka jagga back in the bigg boss 10 house as wild card entry

Priyanka jagga back in the bigg boss 10 house

Joining her will be international supermodel Jason Shah,

Jason Shah in bigg boss 10 as wild card

Jason Shah in bigg boss 10 as wild card

whose good looks and intriguing blue eyes will definitely capture the female contestants’ attention. His deep voice and chiselled physique hold one promise – to make the women of the house go weak at their knees!

Elene Kazan in bigg boss 10 as wild card entry

Elene Kazan in bigg boss 10 as wild card entry

The other two wildcard entrants who will introduce an all-new level of shock and spice will be Elena Kazan and Sahil Anand who promise to give the contestants a tough time. German-Russian model-cum-actor, Elene Kazan has been seen in both Hindi as well as German movies. Extremely fluent in her Hindi, this beauty with brains is sure to stir a storm inside the house. Talented actor and reality star Sahil Anand who has also been seen in many Bollywood movies has all the makings of a true-blue tough contender with the ability to fight through the toughest situation. Having been a part of the same season of MTV Roadies as VJ Bani, Sahil might just prove to be her biggest friend…or maybe her foe.

Sahil in bigg boss 10 as wild card entry

Sahil in bigg boss 10 as wild card entry

With these four wildcard entrants all geared up to raise the temperature inside the Bigg Boss house, the coming week promises to double the fun and quadruple the drama!

Vidya Balan, Gautam Gulati and Mandana Karimi on Weekend ka Vaar

Vidya balan on bigg boss 10 show

Vidya balan on bigg boss 10 show

guess who will join Salman Khan to give the contestants a piece of their mind? Bigg Boss 8 winner and a heartthrob of many, Gautam Gulati and the beautiful Bigg Boss 9 finalist Mandana Karimi visit the Bigg Boss set and chat with the housemates.

Gauti and mandana on bigg boss 10

Gauti and mandana on bigg boss 10

Here’s what they have to say to them…

Mandana criticizes Gaurav about being image- conscious. She points out that Gaurav continuously tells Bani to ‘Watch what she’s saying’. To which Gaurav responds saying that he is in front of a camera and that he has a certain image. So he will always try and maintain it till the end of the show. Mandana then says that he comes across as rather boring. Gautam adds that Bani is putting her heart in the game.

Salman Khan gets upset with Swami Om and walked out

Salman asks Swami Om whether he realizes that he is at fault since everyone voted his name without thinking even once. Swami Om says that the housemates had already decided to vote his name. Salman reprimands Swami Om for his double standard behavior where on one hand he is nasty with housemates while on the other hand he apologizes to the camera.
After a lot of back and forth argument between Salman and Swami Om, Salman gets totally irked and walks off. The housemates also lose patience and start shouting at him for his behavior. Will Swami Om learn anything from this or will he continue with his bad behavior with others?

stay tune with us for more update regarding Bigg Boss 11.


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