Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Online Day 3 – 19 October 2016

By | December 24, 2016

Hi Friends, We already shared Bigg Boss 10 Last Full Episode Day 2, So here we are going to shared episode video of 19 october day 4 of bigg boss 10 house. Bigg Boss Season 10 will create a history in today episodes. Your wait is over now and watch the full episode here.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Online Full Episode Day 3

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 1

BB10: The fight between Indiawale and Celebrities worsens on Day 3!

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 3

Indiawale have been taking advantage of being ‘Maaliks’ and using every trick in the book to make the lives of Celebrities hell!

On Day 3, Swami ji starts ringing the ‘Hukum ki Ghanti’ in the middle of the night while all are sleeping! He asks for food because he needs to take medicine! Monalisa retaliates saying, ‘Yeh kaunsa time hai abhi banane ka?’

Bass! Aur phir mahayudh chhid jata hai! Manveer jumps into the argument and says, ‘Ghanti bajake bulaya toh aap sawaal nahi pooch sakte hai.’ Priyanka tries to act the mediator and offers to make food! Since Maaliks cannot do chores, is this just another way of adding fuel to the fire?

As the Sevaks have no choice but to fulfill the demands of Maaliks, they go to make food for Swami ji but Indiawale continue to argue with them. How long will the Celebs be able to take this? Will they snap under pressure or give it back to the Indiawale with patience?

Rohan Mehra loses his cool on Bigg Boss 10!

The atmosphere in the house is quite heated up already. One after the other Celebrities are feeling the pressure and retaliating about the way they are being treated as Sevaks. Amidst all this Rohan Mehra seemed to be a calm, composed person but tonight even he losees his temper.

Rohan mistakenly drops water on Priyanka and that gives her a chance to pick a fight with him. She gets into a nasty argument and makes him wash her clothes as revenge. Rohan gulps the insults at that time but he loses it when Manu tries to put him down. He says that Rohan will not be able to do anything in the house. An angered Rohan finally says that, ‘Yehi farak hai Aap mein aur Hum mein’. At Rohan’s comment all hell breaks loose and Manu charges towards him. Bani and other Celebrities come in between and stop Manu!

MG! That’s a lot of drama happening on tonight’s episode! Don’t miss the action and tune in at 10.30PM! Click here for a quick sneak peek in to this heated argument!

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 3

Om Swami makes Celebrities cook for him in the middle of the night on BB10!

Earlier Swami ji got into a tiff with Lopamudra and now he has openly challenged the Celebrities.

At the end of Day 3, tucked in their beds, all are about to sleep when Om Swami asks the Sevaks to cook some food for him. This causes an argument between the Celebrities and Indiawale. As the squabble continues Om Swami is rude with the Celebrities.

By now Celebrities are really feeling pushed around and this time Karan Mehra decides to give it back. He snaps at Swami saying, “Apne ‘roop’ ko apne paas rakhe.”

A shocked Swamiji just stands there not knowing how to continue the argument!

Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 live to know how it all happened and click here to get a sneak peek in to this argument! 🙂

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