Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 2 – 18 October 2016

By | August 22, 2017

Bigg Boss Season 11 will create a history in tonight episode, The two superstar of Indian film industry will share stage in this season tonight and on tomorrow episode. Your wait is over now and watch the full episode here.

3 Contestants who have already started causing trouble on Bigg Boss 10!

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Day 1

Fights and arguments are integral to Bigg Boss and this season Priyanka Jagga was the first one to stir the pot! Here are 3 contestants on Bigg Boss 10 who wouldn’t think twice before saying what they want to.

Priyanka Jagga

Without any doubts she tops the list! She has not left a single occasion to cross swords with Bani. On Day 2 also, she continues to squabble with her! Check it out…

Manu Punjabi

Manu has been giving some seriously difficult time to the ‘Sevaks’! And he staunchly believes that he has put up a good stand by speaking up against the ‘Celebrities’! How will he make it tougher for them on Day 2?

Om Swami

The ‘Jack-in-the-box’ who will give us a surprise tonight is none other than, Om Swami! Even before we have come to terms with Baba’s story about speaking as soon as he was born, we will see him ruffling some feathers in the house!

Spoiler Alert! Indiawala Manu Punjabi will be nominated tonight on Bigg Boss 10!

The Celebrities have to nominate two Indiawale contestants on BB10 tonight. After a lot of discussion, the Celebs decide upon two names, one of which is Manu Punjabi!

When asked by Bigg Boss, Gaurav Chopra announced that they were nominating Manu…

Bigg Boss 10 YouTube Video Link.

Bigg Boss announces the first luxury budget task

Day 1 of Bigg Boss 10 rolled in with a lot of drama. Donning the hat of ‘Maaliks’, the Indiawale tried to make most of this situation and Celebrities showed great bonding while doing the chores as ‘Sevaks’. But that’s not all! On Day 2, Bigg Boss will add to the entertainment quotient and announce a luxury budget task for the Celebrities!

The Indiawale have hared with Bigg Boss one secret each before entering the House. The secrets will be revealed to the Celebrities one by one and they have to guess whose secret it is! The cherry on the cake is, if they win the task, there will be a role reversal and ‘Sevaks’ will become ‘Maaliks’! Totally worth it, isn’t it?

YouTube Video Link for Bigg Boss 10 Luxury budget.

Why Bigg Boss Season 10 is special!

This year, gear up for a television show like no other. The baap of reality TV and the king of entertainment, Bigg Boss is back.

Bigg Boss Season 10 is not only packed with a punch but stands to create history this time with its ultimate concept.
Up until now, this show was a home to the faces who are known to us.

This time the sandwich of high voltage drama will have a new ingredient that will make it a delight to relish.The common man is going to set foot into the Bigg Boss house for the first time to compete for this season.

A perfect mix of aam aadmi and celebrities for us to have a look at for the first time.
After all, local is the new global!

And this is what makes this season an intriguingly interesting one, the strategies, the contestants, the challenges have all been but a part. This time the crown is on the head of the concept.

Ready to scratch your heads to think who is talking a walk into this house…you never know if it could be someone right next to you?

We are ready to rock.

Are you ready to roll?


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