Swamiji, Gurjar (Desi Munda) And Kashmiri Girl Are In Bigg Boss 10

By | June 29, 2017

Hey, Bigg Boss is just knocking door of television, It’s just one week to go for bigg boss 10 premiere in colors channel and on voot application. So it’s bigg boss time to us. Thus just before a week Bigg Boss releases video’s regarding Bigg Boss 10 Contestant. Somehow this video’s did not tell name of contestant but just give hint of Which common man or woman will gonna enter in bigg boss house for upcoming videos.

Bigg Boss launches Videos Of  Bigg Boss 10 Contestant

Yeah, you don’t have to worry about bigg boss 10 final contestant list, we will gonna releasing bigg boss 10 contestant list very soon, but before that we just want to give you hint regarding who will be bigg boss 10 contestant from common people. you will happy to see competition between celebrity contestant and commoner contestant.

Who Will Commoner’s To Take Part In Bigg Boss 10

First see this video: Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Promo

babaji in bigg boss 10

babaji in bigg boss 10

As you see this video bigg boss 10 have swamiji as contestant. This is interesting to watch swamiji with celebrity contestant as well as commoner’s who will be taking participate in bigg boss this year.

Bigg Boss also releasing one more video : Kashmiri Girl In Bigg Boss

kashmiri girl in bigg boss

kashmiri girl in bigg boss

Yeah, After watching this video all boy’s must waiting to see this kashmiri girl. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Oh even all of us wanted to see tough competition this time for celebrity contestant.

Third video regarding Bigg boss 10 contestant : Desi Munda In BB10

desi munda in bigg boss 10

desi munda in bigg boss 10

Yeah Yeah energetic, charming and entertaining desi munda will be seen in bigg boss 10. I thing he should gurjar as you must seen in videos bike have this word on plate.

I like this dialogue from all video : “Celebrity kamar kas lo kyuki aa rahe hai..” This dialogue indirectly tells that this season will gonna tough for all celebrity contestant as there is commoner’s in this season.

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Well this video’s does not tell who is exact commoner’s who will take participate in bigg boss 10. Official list of bigg boss 10 contestant will be coming out soon.

Till than stay tune with us.


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