KV Gautam Rejected To appear in Bigg Boss 11 As A Celebrity Contestant

By | June 12, 2017

Hello guys….. We all are sad after hearing this news that: KV Gautam denied to take participate in india’s most controversial’s show upcoming season that is Bigg Boss 11 : India Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho. While other hand mayur verma is all set for make his appearance in bigg boss 11. The reason given by KV gautam to not participating in bigg boss 11 is new. Very few people get chance to enter in bigg boss house and nobody want to reject this type of opportunity but why KV gautam denied to take participate in Bigg Boss 11 india isse apna hi ghar samjho. To find out the answer of this question read this post.

Bigg Boss 10 kv gautam

kv gautam

KV Gautam About Bigg Boss In His Facebook Page

Thank you all for messages I got in last few days via Whatsapp, Messenger and phone calls! It was also nice to know that I have admirers in other countries too. Many of you wanted to know the reason for my rejection of BIGG BOSS. The main reason is that it will not suit both my public image and personal temperament. I have image of an ‘intellectual type’. The BIGG BOSS label will do big damage to that image. In fact, organizers of a very high profile event cancelled my speech presuming I will go to Bigg Boss. As a matter of fact, the intellectual class has contempt for shows like this. It’s good to be known by everyone. But one should be known for good reasons. I want to be known for my good work, not fighting, politics or stunts done for a TV show.
I will not miss Bigg Boss as I have many exciting and fulfilling plans including directing a Hindi comedy feature film.
This statement is from KV Gautam’s facebook page. He is clearly denied to this show.
kv gautam rejected bigg boss 11

kv gautam rejected bigg boss 11

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We are sad after came to know that KV gautam has denied to participating in bigg boss this year. We are hoping for good contestant in bigg boss 11. Stay tuned with us for more Bigg Boss 11 news.

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