How much prize money will Bigg Boss 10 Winner Will Get?

By | May 10, 2017

Hello friend, If you are watching every episode of bigg boss 10. Then you might know the amount of prize money will bigg boss 10 winner will get. you might watch episode of 4th January then you must remember that Manu, Manveer, Nitibha and Lopa completed task for recover prize money that will finally get to BB 10 winner after he or she declare as winner.

Salman khan’s Bigg Boss 10 winner will walk away with this prize money

When Bigg Boss 10 started Prize money was 50 lack rupees but The prize money which was reduced couple of weeks back by gharwale during immunity task and Nitibha Kaul won the immunity medallion at cost 0f aprrox 25 lack. and Om Swami took a two week immunity at the cost of Rs 10 lakh so the total prize money had reduced to Rs 15 lakhs. But now it is  increased with maalgadi task and we know the exact amount.

Bigg Boss 10 winner will get this much prize money

Bigg Boss 10 winner will get 40 lack rupees

here we will tell you exact amount that will bigg boss 10 winner will get. So as i earlier mention 15 lack was the prize money for bigg boss winner befor maalgadi task. In malgadi task lopa, manveer, nitibha and manu added values in prize money. Who added how much amount of money are listed below.

  • Lopa added approx. Rs 11 lakh,
  • Manveer added around Rs 10 lakh,
  • Manu added approx. Rs 7 lakh and
  • Nitibha also added Rs 1 lakh.

So over all they four added is 29 lack, so this prize will be directly added to previous prize money and that was 15 lack, So Eventually

  • 29 lack + 15 Lack = 44 Lack

After That during last week in one task Lopa and Rohan make mistake in task so prize money further decreasing by 4 lack. And Final announce as 40 lack rupees.

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Exact Prize money For Bigg Boss season 10 Winner is Rs 40,00,000+GIFTS.

Yes, it was final prize money that will bigg boss 10 winner will get. this much amount of money is not too less compare to 15 lack, which is almost third part of 44 lack. so now winner will get some good amount of money.

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So i hope you like my this post regarding Bigg Boss 10 winner and how much he or she will get as prize money.

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