Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 winner already Fixed tweeted by Diandra Soares

By | January 7, 2017

are you serious, bigg boss 10 winner is fixed? and Bigg Boss show is scripted.

As you might seen in wars of swami om and ugly fights into the houses. Afterward, bigg boss 9 contestant tweeted that “Bigg Boss 10 winner is already fixed so why to  do all this kind of wars”

Winner of Bigg Boss season 10 is Already Fixed Watch Full Video

Have you seen in video diandra clearly says that Bigg Boss 10 Winner is already fixed.

All Season of Bigg Boss and Bigg Boss winners Are Fixed?

Since first season of Bigg Boss, one allegation is always there for bigg boss and that is this show is scripted.Bigg boss 10 winner is already fixed

with many celebrity participants who is now become Ex-contestant of Bigg Boss show claiming that the every thing happening inside the Bigg Boss house whaether it was evictions, wars, fight and even the winner are pre-decided.

currently also diandra soarse also tweet that why to war inside the house when winner is already decided.

Diandra soarse tweeted that why to war when winner is fixed : Bigg Boss 10

When all housemate is fighting with swami om and disturb with his disgusting act. diandra soarse quickly stared tweeting on Bigg Boss show.

“Sab idhar fan wars mein lage hue hai, phir paise waste kar rahe hai…. udhar sab set hai andar se! Phaltu ke war . Enjoy the show… bas!”

Bigg Boss show is scripted

diandra didn’t stop here only see added more tweets about this show.

Diandra soarse on bigg boss 10 show

“Salman aur hum sab ko Paise milte hai… 😅 time pass karne nahin jaate …. 🙄 think sweetheart …. apply your brain where it matters most”

“People are voting??? Why ??? Don’t waste your money and time people 😏biggboss”

Bigg Boss 6 winner urvashi dholakia react on Bigg Boss 10

urvashi dholakial also tweetes about bigg boss 10 and tell worst season ever in bigg boss history.

“LOL bb10 is by far the most disgustingly hilarious show,if u know what I mean.this show HAD standards,now It’s a joke!”

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode

So I hope you like this post regarding “Bigg Boss 10 winner is already fixed” tweeted by diandra soarse.

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9 thoughts on “Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 winner already Fixed tweeted by Diandra Soares

  1. Sunita

    Winner is decided and it’s Bani. She is big boss and Salman khan’s favourite. No matter what she does, Salman praises her. It’s a manipulative game show to make audience fool.Do you really think we are fools?

  2. Fiza

    Bani is the winner I really like her but some people treat her as if she has no feelings no heart but skyways bani keeps strong playing good and I really want you to wine

  3. Indrani Rucha Mallick

    Bani j is the winner , She is my fvrt . She is vry good . Lopa is very bad like chureil Lollllzzzzzzz Hehe.

  4. aishwarya

    Bani always plays well but lopamudra you are always disgust him .I never support u … Idiotzzzz its obvious that no dought VJ Bani the real winner.

  5. Xyz

    Manu is real BT people doesnot understand him. He sacrifice his captaincy only for manveer and this prove that he is so Nice and kind man. Mere liye wahi winner hai .

  6. Daya Sagar

    Bani j is the winner .
    Lopamudra is disgusting. She has gone on bani mother she uses her mother like a weapon .
    Bani is the winner and she only deserve to win Bigg Boss 10.


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