Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 27 November 2016

By | September 18, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 live streaming full episode of season 10 day 42. Now get ready for episode 43 of 27 November 2016. Today TV at 9:00 pm watch bigg boss season 10 episode. Salman khan will introduce wildcard entry in bigg boss 10.

Bigg boss 10 wild card will definitely change game, And this is biggest twist of all time, now it is hard to survive for contestant in the house of  bigg boss 10.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Full Episode 27 November and Day 42,Episode 43

Watch full episode of bigg boss 10 here only and you can also download this episode by clicking download button near by.

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Gaurav, Bani and Swami Om break into an argument (fight) on Bigg Boss 10

The viral video task was big hit. The teams almost competed neck to neck in the task but Team Lopa, took the lead in the task. Last night on Weekend ka Vaar, clips from the viral video task were shown to the housemates to show what went on in the respective team preparations. Tonight, Bani and Gaurav clip is displayed on the screen and Swami Om makes personal remarks about it.

Gaurav, Bani and Swami Om break into an argument (fight) on Bigg Boss 10

Gaurav, Bani and Swami Om break into an argument (fight) on Bigg Boss 10

Bani and Gaurav don’t appreciate his comments and ask him not to intrude into their life with his opinions. Swami Om says, that Bani and Gaurav’s overly affectionate nature is not an  opinion but a reality.

 Vidya Balan joins the housemates on Bigg Boss 10 tonight

on Weekend ka Vaar, the super smart and super lively, Vidya Bala, joins the Bigg Boss 10 housemates. Vidya is here to unlock the ‘kahaaniyon ka khazaana’ at the Bigg Boss house.

She gives out a task to the contestants and they have enact the situtation given to them. The duo of Manveer and Manu take a dig at Bani and Gaurav with their act and similarly Gaurav and Bani play Manu and Manveer. While Rahul retains his famous performance as Swami Om. Looks like its going to be an entertaining roller coaster ride tonight.

Slaman Khan copies SRK's DDLJ pose

Slaman Khan copies SRK’s DDLJ pose

And not only this, the gorgeous lady even gets Salman to recreate the iconic DDLJ scene in his own style.

Get ready to welcome a huge twist on Weekend ka Vaar

Who drowns? Who floats? Find out who will survive through this Weekend ka Vaar tonight and go ahead in the game.

Last night saw a current of animosity in the house. 6 weeks, and we can see even the friendships in the house being layered with a fresh coat of fights. While, this is just the beginning of the true game, going forward, the Bigg Boss 10 housemates are not aware of the Vaar that will happen tonight.

Priyanka jagga is back in bigg boss 10 house

Priyanka jagga is back in bigg boss 10 house

Salman, will surely make a grand entry with his performance on Hangover, but little does everyone know, about the kick of drama that will change their game within the house.

And, it’s not just the entry that is going be a shocker for the contestants; but Team Bani, who is nominated for the elimination this week, should get ready to bid goodbye to their place in this house.

Biggest Twist In Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar

Biggest Twist In Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar

Are Nitibha, Gaurav, Rahul, Bani and Manveer ready to see eye to eye with this new dramatic wave of entertainment tonight?

Yeh hua na, Weekend par Entertainment ka Vaar! Tune in tonight at 9PM!

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