Bigg Boss 10 8th December Press Conference Question and Answer

By | August 7, 2017

Hello guys today on bigg boss 10, cnbtaza reporter and karishma tanna enters in bigg boss 10 house. Here we are sharing what happening in the press conference in detail.

Press Conference in bigg boss 10 house

Press Conference in bigg boss 10 house

Why Bani walks out of the press conference on Bigg Boss 10? Hina Khan, CNB Taaza and Karishma Tanna Team to visit Bigg Boss 10 house and Housemates under the glare of media at the press conference on Bigg Boss 10. Watch today’s bigg boss episode to know all this thing.

Bani walks out of the press conference on Bigg Boss 10

Tonight, a special press conference is held in Bigg Boss 10 house where the housemates are asked questions about different aspects of the game.

Bani walks out of the press conference on Bigg Boss 10

Bani walks out of the press conference on Bigg Boss 10

By now it’s no secret that Bani and Lopa can’t see each other in the eye. In this context, one of the questioners asks Lopa if she thinks that Bani feels insecure because of her.

Lopa responds, ‘Mujhe toh lagta hai insecure hain!’

Lopa agrees and goes on to say that perhaps Bani considers her to be a tough competitor.
Bullshit’, reacts Bani.

Bani thinks otherwise though. According to her Lopamudra keeps throwing tantrums like a small child. While Bani is replying to the questions, Lopamudra keeps interrupting her. Bani repeatedly asks her to let her speak when it’s her turn to speak but Lopamudra continues.

Bani leaves the press conference

Irked by Loapmudra’s behavior Bani just gets up and leaves. Manveer goes to convince her but she is in no mind to listen to anything.

Breaking News: Hina Khan, Karishma Tanna and CNB Taaza Team to visit Bigg Boss 10 house

Present JDJ9 contestant, Karishma Tanna will analyze the game of the housemates and share her views as an ex- contestant. CNB Taaza team will also be present at the Weekend ka Vaar.

Housemates under the glare of media at the press conference on Bigg Boss 10.

Housemates under scrutiny

The behavior of housemates is being closely watched over by the media and tonight, in a special press conference, media gets to ask questions to their favourite housemates. Here’s how the housemates faced the media questions…

Manveer ji aap mante hain ki Rohan show mein aap se bhaari pad rahe hain, kyun ki woh celebrity hai?

 press conference on Bigg Boss 10

press conference on Bigg Boss 10

Manveer disagrees with this question and goes on to explaining that when he entered the Bigg Boss house with Rohan they shared a different equation. However, somewhere during the game Rohan took his decisions personally and that’s when things changed between them. He further adds that he is not here to get into any personal games.

Bani ke bina toh koi wajood hi nahi hai Gaurav Chopra aka is show ke andar…

Gaurav responds to this comment in his trademark style and says that he looks at this statement as a personal opinion of the questioner and chooses not to respond. Bani’s reaction to this is interesting as firstly she is kind of taken aback and then she ends up grinning at Gaurav’s answer.

Priyanka, aisa lagta hai ki ya toh Om Swami aapka istemaal kar rahe hain ya aap unka ‘beti’ bankar istemal kar rahi hain…

Priyanka feels that it’s absolutely fair to do so. If Swami Om is wrong at any point, she will help him improve as an individual rather than giving up on him.

Lopa, aap ko yeh lagta hai kahin na kahin Bani insecure hai aap se?

Needless to say that Lopamudra does believe that Bani is insecure because of her. This leads to a heated argument between the two ladies during the press conference and Bani walks out.

Isn’t that a lot of drama in Bigg Boss 10 house? Don’t miss this press conference and do watch the housemates, unplugged! Tune in at 10.30PM!

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It Is interesting to watch today press conference in bigg boss 10 house. For india wale this is first time they are facing event like this.

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