Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Online Day 31 – 16 November 2016

By | August 17, 2017

Bigg Boss 10 full episode 31, 16th November 2016, Full review is available here. What happen to manveer, why he is throw mic and tell “mere se nahi hoga?”What happen in lockdown task? who won karela juice task? All this question answer you will find after reading this full article. Stay tune with us for Bigg Boss 11 news and update.

Bigg Boss 10 house is turns into banjar jameen and without any facility gharwale has to stay, they can use their feature but with added score 1 point in their list, and least point winner team will announce as wining team.

Karela juice task in bigg boss 10

Karela juice task in bigg boss 10

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode 31, 16 November

Today on Wednesday, Lockdown luxury task will remain continue. and bigg boss will give different task to countdown their point from list.

Swami Om’s medicine trouble for everyone on Bigg Boss 10

The lock down task has not only got the contestants a cloud of challenges to carry forward but also the challenges being dished out by Swami Om. He kept throwing a hissy fit yesterday over trivial matters and irked the housemates. Looks like there are no change in his plans for the day.

Om Baba trouble bigg boss 10 contestant

Om Baba trouble bigg boss 10 contestant

He requests the team members to get him the basket of medicines and team members get into a discussion as they will lose points if they get him those. Their contemplation makes Swami Om agitated and he complains to Bigg Boss about the same.

Later when the contestants head to place their belongings in the luggage room, he picks a bone with Manveer on the space to place his suitcase. Manveer says he won’t change the location of his bags and Swami ji can find another place to keep his stuff. Manveer says when Swami Om doesn’t care to pay heed to them, why should they oblige? Once again the man resorts to complaining to the cameras stating “Luggage room mein gunda gardi ho rahi hai.”

 Manveer gets emotional in bigg boss house

Yesterday saw a lot of word bashing between Rohan and Manveer on Bigg Boss 10. Both were summoned by Bigg Boss in the confession room to sort the matter out.

However, the situation had spiraled out of hand to an extent where the argument even continued in the confession room.

Manveer goes against the house rules and takes his mic off. He is extremely upset about the way things are transpiring with him and says he wants to leave the house. He gets adamant and doesn’t want to wear his mic.

Bigg Boss Once Again Summons Manveer To The Confession And He Flatly Refuses to go. Will this matter get resolved or will a strict action be taken against Manveer’s behaviour?

 Gaurav and Bani talks about Rohan’s behaviour

The luxury budget task for this week is becoming an interesting quest to watch. The two teams have to present their respective challengers to accomplish the task to ace ahead. The ‘Karela Juice task’, saw Lopa and Gaurav as contenders.

Bani and gaurav talk about rohan

Bani and gaurav talk about rohan

However, while the challengers were busy carrying out the task, the captains got into a tiff and their prolonged argument left the remaining contestants in great disappointment. The ‘Rasgulla task’ decision got called off yesterday on account of indecisiveness from the team captains.

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