Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Of Date 16 November 2016

By | August 17, 2017

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So As you seen in bigg boss 10 latest drama of manveer and om baba. Drama still remain for today’s episode.

The bigg boss 10 house getting bad for it contestant for staying and doing tough task, it interesting to watch all this thing. Stay tune with us for bigg boss 10 all episode.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Full Episode 31, 16 November

Today on Wednesday, Lockdown luxury task will remain continue. and bigg boss will give different task to countdown their point from list.

Gaurav and Bani talks about Rohan’s behaviour

The luxury budget task for this week is becoming an interesting quest to watch. The two teams have to present their respective challengers to accomplish the task to ace ahead. The ‘Karela Juice task’, saw Lopa and Gaurav as contenders.

Fight in bigg boss 10 house

Fight in bigg boss 10 house

However, while the challengers were busy carrying out the task, the captains got into a tiff and their prolonged argument left the remaining contestants in great disappointment. The ‘Rasgulla task’ decision got called off yesterday on account of indecisiveness from the team captains.
Gaurav and Bani end up discussing this situation about Rohan and agree upon the fact that he gets too loud with his arguments and picks fights on unnecessary matters. Such actions can affect the team play in a negative manner.

Will The Tiff Between The Team Captains Land The Other Housemates In Trouble Once Again?

Things are about to getting well on Bigg Boss 10

The luxury budget task has been dropped upon the contestants for the week. Let alone their nomadic avatars, that’s already making them look from a flint-stony era and upsetting them, they even have to compete to win the luxury budget task. The two teams had to face the ‘Rasgulla task’ yesterday, and gallop to a sweet win.

Bigg Boss 10 Member Are Not well

Bigg Boss 10 Member Are Not well

Today, the challenge levels up. Its time for getting through some bitter moments to pluck a win.
The challengers from both teams have to gulp down a jar of ‘Karela Juice’, yes, that! While Mona chooses Lopa from her team to compete, Rohan chooses Gaurav for the face off.

But the competition isn’t limited to these two, even the team captains get into a dispute. Watch Here To See What Happens…
Looks like they are playing doubles today. Let’s see who fetches their team a point for this healthy task. To know what’s next on the platter for Bigg Boss 10 contestants.

Captain Bani argue with Nitibha on Bigg Boss 10!

The Lockdown Task was introduced on Bigg Boss 10 yesterday and by now the contestants are losing patience. The drama is definitely going to reach a different level altogether as the contestants become irritable and react to everything happening in the Bigg Boss House.

Bani argue with nitibha as captain

Bani argue with nitibha as captain

Bani criticizes Nitibha for breaking rules. Naturally this doesn’t go well with Nitibha and she asks Bani to back off. But Bani argues back saying that she’s the Captain and has every right to point out when she sees something wrong going on.

Well, Bani seems to be getting right there with her Captaincy but will Nitibha pay any heed?

Bigg Boss 10 house is turns into banjar jameen and without any facility gharwale has to stay, they can use their feature but with added score 1 point in their list, and least point winner team will announce as wining team.

Save your Favorite contestant

Rahul, Mona, Lokesh and Karan.

Stay Tune with us for more bigg boss 11 news and updates.


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