Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode of 26th January 2017 (Day 102)

By | September 9, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 full episode of 26th January day 102. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 25th January 2017, Now get ready for episode of 26th January 2017. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a history.

Bigg Boss 11 : Full Episode 26th January 2017 (Day 102)

Bigg Boss 10 : Full Episode 26th January 2017 (Day 102)

Ex-Housemates Enter The Bigg Boss 10 House With Special Tasks during BB Mela

You will be really excited to know that ex-contestant of the season; Lokesh will walk inside the Bigg Boss house in tonight’s episode. Housemates will be thrilled to see her back, as they warmly welcome her she states that she has something very special for Lopamudra and Bani. Going further, Lokesh says, Bani has to mention five good things about Lopamudra, very sportingly and in full enthusiasm Bani mentions that Lopa loves sharing her food, she doesn’t shy away from doing make up in front of anybody at any time, she is playing the current game with the foam in a very good spirit, Lopamudra cooks anything with lot of love and eats too and last but not the least; whoever speaks different things about her she would pick only those which she believes in to be right. Housemates applaud in delight listening to these five points.

Navin prakash on bigg boss 10 on BB mela 26th January

Navin Prakash, who is also an evicted housemate from this season, surprises the four finalists tonight! He gives a duty to Manveer saying he needs to bring a board from the store room and put it on one housemate until Bigg Boss asks the person to remove it. The board reads as ‘Main finalist banne ke laayak nahi hun’ (I don’t deserve to be a finalist). Manu is seen putting on the board.

This doesn’t end there, season 9’s housemate, Rishabh Sinha enters as one of the guests too. He makes a remark on Manu and Manveer denoting them as blackboard and a chalk. He says Manu brings the wrong in things which are dark like that of a blackboard, whereas Manveer writes things from the white chalk and corrects everything.

Do you think that is true? 3 days remaining for grand finale to happen, will these events change the equation of relations in the house?

Housemates Get Emotional At The End Of The Last Task On Bigg Boss Season 10

You will get equally overwhelmed watching tonight’s episode, when Bigg Boss heartily praises each housemate on their performances in all kinds of tasks given to them. Very specifically he says the last task of the season ‘BB Mela’ gets over finally, listening to all of this; all the gharwaalez get truly overwhelmed. Everyone is teary eyed and keeps thanking Bigg Boss.

Bani On 26th january 2017 Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss warmly encourages each and every one to give their best in the tasks that life throws at them. He says, they must put in the same efforts and heart to win in all areas of life. Through these lines very clearly Bigg Boss points out the learning they all received during their stay in the Bigg Boss house.

In a sweet instance, all the four housemates give each other a warm hug together forming a circle.

It’s really eye pleasing to see them that way.

3 days to go for the grand finale, which contestant are you counting on?

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