Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode Live of 14th January 2017 (Day 90)

By | August 15, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of day 90. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 13th January 2017, Now get ready for episode of 14th January 2017. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a history.

Bigg Boss 11 : Full Episode 14th January 2017 (Day 90)

Govinda on Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10: A Real Class For Bani Tonight On Weekend Ka Vaar

A lot happened over the week between Bani and Lopamudra. We saw how during a task Bani misbehaved with Lopamudra just because she said certain things about her mother which Bani wrongly understood. Tonight, after going through every event Salman Khan will be giving an analysis over the whole thing.

Salman will clearly state that it was Bani who unnecessarily amplified the whole thing, which was not needed. Lopa did not say anything about her mother but Bani. Salman would be countering on everything that Bani has to say in order to defend herself but Salman, known to give the right judgement will make everyone clear about what was right and what was absolutely incorrect. He also points out many other vital aspects about the whole incident tonight.

Bigg Boss 10: On Weekend Ka Vaar Manu Gets Scolded By Salman Khan

Manu has been one of the housemates who has said things and has always thought of himself being a winner of the show. In fact during the last luxury budget task, Rohan pointed out what Manu has been ignorant about, one of those being him talking too much and making lots of gossips.

Bani and lopa fights reaction by salman khan on Bigg Boss 10

In tonight’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar we will see Salman asking Manu about Bani doing ‘Idhar ki baatein udhar’, he points out saying that more than Bani it is Manu himself who gossips more. It will be interesting to see what Manu has to say about it. Will he have valid points to defend himself?

This weekend Lopamudra would be elected to sit on the ‘Khalnayak Ki Kursi’, just wait and watch what happens during that.

There are too many events in tonight’s episode that will keep you thoroughly engrossed!

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Bigg Boss 10: Read To Know Who Are The Special Guests Tonight On Weekend Ka Vaar

When we think of the song ‘Do you wanna partner’ the only two superstars who come to our mind are Salman Khan and Govinda. This Jodi has always been a super hit among st the audience! As when the two come together the audience gets a total package of entertainment. And we bet this time when you see Govinda coming on Weekend Ka Vaar, things will be as similar and will set your mood right to make a perfect weekend. You have to watch them together sharing the same stage.

Govinda on Bigg Boss 10

To add cherry on cake we will also have Govinda’s nephew Krishna Abhishek joining in along with Bharti Singh, to de-stress the whole environment in the Bigg Boss house and spill lots of laughter around. It would be refreshing to see Bharti entering the Bigg Boss house and putting smiles on many frowning faces. Isn’t it much needed? We have to wait and watch what will she do inside.

So, after knowing all of this, do you think you can skip tonight’s episode?

Do not miss watching the nail biting episode of Weekend Ka Vaar tonight at 9 PM!

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