Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode of 29th December 2016 (Day 74)

By | September 20, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 10 full episode of day 74. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 28th December 2016, Now get ready for episode of 29th December 2016. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a trouble history.

Bigg Boss 11 : 29th December 2016 Full Episode

Big Boss 10 Full Episodes

Manveer And Rohan To Fight For The Captaincy On Bigg Boss 10!

So the two contenders for the captaincy this week are – Manveer Gurjar and Rohan Mehra. They will be seen competing with each other tonight on Bigg Boss 10.

Giving details about the task while reading the letter sent by Bigg Boss Gaurav mentions there will be a Flower Bed placed in the garden area, two different colors of the flowers will be given to the competitors. The job of each contender would be to plant maximum flowers on the flower bed, the one who has the maximum flowers wins the captaincy!

The real twist is that while placing the flowers, the individual has to ensure the protection of their flowers from the other as the other can pull it out and replace by their own. Bigg Boss also makes it very clear that no housemate can be part of this task in any way in order to support their favorite contender!

Bani is made the ‘sanchaalak’ of the task!

Who do you think will win this captaincy?

Not Again! Swami Om Intervenes During The Captaincy Task On Bigg Boss!

In an interesting twist tonight Rohan and Manveer along with other housemates gear up for the captaincy task on Bigg Boss 10. Both Manveer and Rohan are seen getting advise by their supporters as in how to play the smart game in order to win!

Captaincy Task

Swami Om quietly goes and sits on the side of Rohan’s flowers, which comes to the notice of the housemates. Bani even warns him to move away from the place but he doesn’t. Gaurav hints at Rohan to be careful about the same, as he might try to disrupt things. The task starts, Manveer and Rohan move swiftly in order to place maximum flowers at the same time ensuring the other one has planted less by removing theirs.

But all of a sudden Swami Om jumps in between and starts removing the flowers! What happens next?

Read Now: What? Rohan Gets Aggressive Tonight On Bigg Boss 10!

The episode will be thoroughly nail biting as the race for captaincy reaches it’s peak!

As we shared last that how Swami Om was just waiting to pounce anytime to malign the game of Rohan! Bani and Gaurav caught hold of Swami Om immediately and tried removing him from the scene. By then Swami Om had already taken off many purple colored flowers of Rohan! And the latter got so mad that he pushed Swami Om in fit of rage!

Swami Om confronted him asking to do whatever he wanted to!

Oh God! Can you guess what will happen next on Bigg Boss 10?

Bigg Boss As A Punishment Nominates Rohan For Eviction For The Entire Season!

One action of Rohan Mehra would cost him this big! Probably Rohan didn’t realise this when he got physical with Swami Om during the captaincy task.


After the incident everyone gets called by Bigg Boss as he makes an important announcement. Since Rohan breaks the most important rule inside the Bigg Boss House, he declares that Rohan would be nominated forever in the house till the end of the season for getting evicted! This shocks the entire house!

Rohan, completely taken aback by this runs towards the restroom area and later locks himself. He breaks down and shares about his willingness to leave the house to Lopamudra which would be better than living like this.

Lopamudra is later seen talking in front of the camera telling what’s right and what’s not!

Swami om makes emergency exit from BIGG BOSS 10

Rohan mehra slap swami om on Bigg Boss 10

What will happen next?

Tune in to watch the episode of Bigg Boss 11


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