Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode 26th December 2016 (Day 71)

By | September 13, 2017

Hello Friends, How are you? Today We are going to share bigg boss 11 full episode of day 71. Yesterday we have shared bigg boss 10 episode 25th December 2016, Now get ready for episode 71 of 26th December 2016. Today bigg boss 10 episode will create a trouble history.

Bigg Boss 11: Full Episode of 26th December 2016

Bigg Boss 10 Full Episode

 Monalisa Feels Extremely Upset With Manu On Bigg Boss 10!

Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 we will see Monalisa sharing with Nitibha about how she felt when Manu during the Weekend Ka Vaar said “Main isse pareshaan hun” on national television. Considering Manu and Monalisa have been good friends in the house till now, Mona looked very upset by such a comment made by a friend! She tells Nitibha, had she been at his place she would never do that!

Nitibha giving a different perspective to it tried telling Mona that may be that was told as a joke but also agreed that even if that was a joke one can still feel hurt.

Is this the beginning of a distance between the two friends? or Manu will be able give right justifications and be able to calm down his friend?

On Bigg Boss 10 Tonight Manu Feels Surprised About Monalisa’s Assumption On His Statement!

As we know that Monalisa felt really bad about Manu saying that she is a problem for him, she felt not so okay after that ever since then. Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 we will see Monalisa having a word with him about the same. Manu a little taken aback asks how could she think about it otherwise! The duo end up having different opinions.

Manu tries to clarify things by saying that he always wanted her to go home so that things could become better for her. However, he doesn’t agree to what Monalisa was assuming out of the whole thing.

Will there ever be a patch up between the two? or this will be sort of an end to the friendship?

‘Gaurav & Bani Show’ Is The Luxury Budget Task On Bigg Boss 10 This Week!

New week brings in new hopes, new anticipations…this is what happens every time in the Bigg Boss house. Similarly, with a lot of excitement tonight the housemates gather to hear about the latest luxury budget task. As Nitibha Kaul reads out the task letter it is known that the name of the task is – ‘Gaurav and Bani Show’.

Building up the curiosity for the housemates, Nitibha further reads out that as per the task Bani and Gaurav will be called in the confession room wherein they would be interacting with the audience live and would be expected to answer some of the most difficult and tricky questions with complete honesty and truth.

Bigg boss 10 full episodes

After hearing the task details Gaurav and Bani look a little stunned!

What’s exactly going to be the purpose of this particular task? Will Gaurav and Bani answer each and every question with absolute truth?

Oh, Bani And Gaurav Aren’t Aware Of A Hidden Secret About The Task On Bigg Boss 10?

We clearly know by now what ‘Gaurav and Bani show’, luxury budget task is all about. However, the main twist comes only after the duo enters the confession room.

Nitibha further reads out the letter sent by Bigg Boss giving details about the task that the questions posed to Bani and Gaurav will actually not be by the audience but the housemates! Also, the questions need to be so difficult and tricky that the duo in a way naturally start opening up about their true hidden thoughts and intent on playing the game in the Bigg Boss house.

Okay! This means that Gaurav and Bani will be put to test through the task, and not just the housemates but the audience will also get to see the real faces.

Can’t wait? Then tune in at 10:30 PM tonight to know the full story on Bigg Boss 10! 🙂


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